Chapter II

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The uni's dean left a voice message, looks like I forgot to update my papers to arrange my new internship. I was looking for something close to my uni and the condo I share with my younger sister Maura. I live 10 minutes walking from my uni. It's a nice place with tiny stores and this huge green park, well it's not really green at the moment, but it's still winter so I don't really care.

I printed the application form, I sit down, take a blue pen and I started to read it.

First Name? My name is Audrey, I go by Brey, my cousin started to call me Aubrey when we watched Degrassi: The Next Generation being just kids.

Last Name? Nonoa. I have Polynesian, Spanish, Italian and British ancestry. My grandpa was born in New Zealand, nona in Italy, they met in Australia almost 50 years ago.

Age? I am 21 young.

Year? This is my 3rd year, a junior, majoring in Film and minoring in Photography.

Gender? My ID says I am a woman. Do I feel like one?, how do I suppose to feel about?

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