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A/N: Hiya! Okies, dokies. I'm guessing that you can tell what I'm already going to say by the title if this chapter. I'm working on a new story, but I'm not posting it until I finish this one. Here's a little sneak-peak at it:
"Oh." Chris smirks as he nears me, pushing me against the wall. "You don't want me around, huh? Is it because I'm poor? Is it because I'm not famous? Baby, I have more class then all of those rich assholes." He brushes his lips against my ear.

My breathing hitches in my throat as I gulp, crossing my arms over my chest to show that I'm not scared of him. "Get away from me right now, or I'll—" I start.

"You'll what? What will you do to me, Dallas?" His smirk grows.

"I'll sick Alberto on you."

He lets out a loud laugh. "Your bodyguard that's too scared to even take out a fly?" He chuckles, his pearly whites flashing in the light.

"Hey. He's tough. Tougher than you." I move my head sassily.

"Hm." He taps his chin. "I don't think I will get away from you." He brings his lips down to my neck and I bring my stiletto up to his crotch and kick as hard as I can, making him fall to the pavement in pain while I swagger off in the opposite direction.


Dallas Parker is what every boy wants. Smart, sweet, sexy, rich, and a famous model. She has a heart of fire that gets ignited as she meets a bad boy on the street.

Chris Mitchell is everything but sweet, rich, and famous. He's a bad boy that has enough nerve to slap a bull on the ass. He's fearless and drop dead sexy. He also catches the eye of a certain model. The only thing is, he don't have any money. He also has an attitude as long as Dallas's limousine.

What happens when these opposites meet on the street?

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