Life in a new school (5)

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The drive home was long and awkward. everything seemed to take ten times more than it needed to. I tried to concentrate on my music but my mind just kept going back to Shadow... then to Aiden... then to Erik, which kinda surprised me, and then back to Shadow. WHen we got to my house, i practically exploded from the car, hoping to get throught the door and lock it before Shadow could get in. I wasn't so lucky. He smiled as he kept up with my run, obviously knowing what i was going to do.

When we got in my house, i ran up the stairs to the bathroom. I could have gone to the one downstairs, it would have been easier to get too, but it didn't have a good lock on it, and i knew that Shadow could get it open. One time, I thought, just because i had locked the door, he couldn't get in... however, i soon got out of the shower to find all the towels, rags, even carpets, as well as my clothes, gone. I had to escape to my room wrapped in the shower curtain.

I raced to the one upstairs, not giving Shadow enough time to follow me. He made it to the door right as i turned the lock. I could hear him on the other side of the door. "Pan, open the door. We said that we would talk about this." His voice was serious, but i could also hear them pleading for me to open the door. "Please?"

"No, we can talk from here." I didn't want to be rude, but i didn't want him to see me cry either. I always hated it when he saw me cry. Not because i thought of it showing any weakness, but because my face got all red and blotchy and puffy. I never let him see me when i was sick either. Or if i did, I made sure he gave me enough time to put on make up.

"Fine." I heard him growl. But then there was a sigh and his voice came through the door, more soft then i had ever heard it before. "Pan, i know that you have said before that you only like me as a friend..." But. There was a but coming, and i was pretty sure it had something to do with 'but, i want to know if you like me too.' " I want to know if you like me, Pan. I think i deserve to know."

I wondered for a while if i just stayed quiet, if he would leave. But i heard him fiddle with the doornob. "Pan, please, just answer me the question."


I didn't see her, after i talked to her in the hallway. I wandered if it had anything to do with Shadow. I saw Marissa stomping up the hallway. Her heels making annoying clicking noises that filled my head. I turned my face back to my locker. I didn't hear her heels clicking any more, so i assumed she had stopped at one of the classroom doors. I closed my locker door only to see Marissa. I guess, the saying is true, when you assume, you make an ass out of u and me.

"Marissa, what do you want?" I said, trying not to sound any more frightened than i was. She scared the crap out of me, but i didn't want her to know that.  

"I want you. I thought that was pretty easy to see." She rubbed her bony hand on my arm, causing my muscles to jump.  

"I thought you were with that Shadow guy."  

Her lip jutted out, and she looked like she was trying to do the puppy dog face. If she was trying to look like a pug, she was succeding. "Don't talk about Shadow. He isn't in the picture anymore."  

I looked at her with a shocked expression. "What do you mean? You guys already broke up? Didn't you just start dating like 30 minutes ago?" Her face went cold.  

"I told you i don't want to talk about him. I want to talk about us..." She said the word us, while strechting the s, where she sounded like she was trying to be a snake.  

"Woah, woah, woah... there isn't an us... and there will never been any contact ever again until you answer my questions." She backed away from me, crossed her arms, and seemed to actually think. Wow, she was thinking.  

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