The Others

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Fate brought them a gift-immortality...and for some, a curse-insanity. The longer they live, the more insane they become. The more they evolve, the more vicious they grow. They came from a parallel world into ours, and became our worst nightmare. 

Caught between worlds, between heaven and hell, they have one last chance to escape their doom. But they are running out of time - time to stop the horror that will devastate them and us. Time to stop the people who would use them to control our world. Time to stop the holocaust of murder and mayhem that can destroy the world.

And it is left to one man and one woman to stop the madness. The man, Aaron Blain, was born here, the woman...somewhere else.

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Reviewer: "MB"

"I got this book as a present, and with it's scary cover, I thought I wouldn't like it. But as it turned out, it became one of my favorite books. It has a lot of elements combined--science fiction, romance, paranormal... and definitely makes an interesting read! I love the plot, the abilities of the characters, and of course, the ending. I highly recommend it!"

Reviewer: "AR"

"I read this book thinking that it would be some kind of science fiction book that was like every other book out, but it's not. It has a lot more........It's a great book to read. I read it in 3 hours just because I couldn't put it down......"