The Hyte Maneuver

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When the Trans Air Flight from Tangier to New York is Hijacked, The first class passengers find themselves in particular peril, for when the plane lands in New York, the coach passengers are released and the first class passengers must face the hatred and fanaticism of the terrorists.

Yet, when rescue does come, engineered by hostage negotiator Ray Hyte the passengers are freed, the hijackers killed and the trauma is over.... Or is it?

Soon after the rescue, a serial killer working with brilliance and the utmost ruthlessness, begins murdering the surviving passengers. It soon becomes apparent that no one will be spared-unless the killer turns out to be one of the passengers.

It becomes Raymond Hyte's task to catch the killer, the urgency intensifies when he falls in love with the daughter of one of the victims. The battle between the ingenious murderer and the master policeman makes up the core of this enthralling thriller, while its climax is as unexpected as it is fair. 

David Wind has written an engrossing story with tremendous pace and authenticity of detail. It is a book to be savored, although perhaps not on a plane from Tangier....


"...Half Thriller, Have whodunit, not half bad... Nicely handled stereotypes, from people to places to emotions.... Biggest asset is Hyte, who wears well enough to become a series hero."

ALA Booklist (American Library Association)

"...This excellent thriller is enhanced by by the careful detail with which police investigatory procedures are described, by the presence of a sharp protagonist in Hyte, and by more than a few