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"PLANT FREAK!! PLANT FREAK!!! Where the hell are you?! Show your freaking self!!" I yelled at the top of my lungs as I bitterly kicked the chair, causing it to hit the wall.

I'm back here in the shop, which was the one selling dangos before.... The place where that stupid darn plant took me. The corpses of the stupid old hag and stupid bastard are already gone, but there are still blood stains all over the place, especially the wall, counter, and the wooden floor. I came here because I need to see that hell freak again, and I'm expecting it to be in here.

"FVCK YOU, PLANT FREAK!! IF YOU SERIOUSLY DON'T SHOW YOURSELF, I'LL HUNT YOU DOWN, AND FREAKING SLICE YOUR HEAD OFF!!" I yelled out of nowhere, kicking the useless counter here in the kitchen.

The dangos are also gone. This place is a total mess. It's already abandoned. Damn.

"Well..... If it isn't that little girl who managed to escape from us. I wonder why you're here....... Is there anything you need? Or maybe you want to surrender?"

I hatefully glared at the plant freak, but dropped the hate, and simply smirked as I played with my scissors' blade.

"I accept the offer. I want to be a member of your so-called organization."

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