Chapter 30

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Chapter 30

I shoved my hands into the pockets of jacket, looking around for the seventh time. Micah's late, as usual. I rolled my eyes. Everywhere around me, people carrying shopping bags from different stores and designer brands chatted happily. A small part of me wished I was them.

Micah and I dated a few years ago, after I went through a terrible break up with Trey. He was the first person I trusted fully. Think of how much I trust Joshua, for a comparison. That's how much I trusted Micah. And he betrayed me. He was the first guy I'd ever slept with. I was sixteen and the memory of the night he betrayed me is still fresh in my mind. Cool. Mid-December. A fire roaring in his fire pit in the backyard. And then she came along. She wasn't much older than me at all. The-

"I never though I'd see you again, Ember."

I whipped around at the familiar voice. Micah smirked at me, his sandy blonde hair flopping over his forehead. Brown eyes twinkling, he flashed me an easy grin. I felt a stab of annoyance at his grin. Damn him.

"Yeah, well, don't count on it ever happening again. I still hate your guts, you know?"

He chuckled, sauntering closer to me. I backed away. Um, no. Not happening.

"Dully noted. Now, what is it you need that you had to call me and break me away from my marathon of The Walking Dead?"

I rolled my eyes. Jerk.

"Oh, you poor thing. And, I need a favor. A particularly big favor, but a favor."

Micah's grin fell, turning serious. His gorgeous profile still sent excited chills through me. I fought them back. I have Joshua now and he is ten times more trustworthy than Micah. I should have called Joshua...

"Of course."

I sighed, looking around tentatively before asking him anything. Eyal has people watching me and, even though I checked, I didn't catch a tail. Saying my agent identification number out loud was risky enough.

"I need you to stall Eyal Sali. And this has to be completely off book."

Micah is the CIA's mole in the ACE. They assigned him there after the summer for precaution. Now is one of those times. Micah nodded, understanding. His face was set, serious. Micah may be a total, untrustworthy pain in the ass, but he's serious when it comes down to business. It's one of the things I used to (and right now, do) like about him. He cleared his throat.

"What exactly am I stalling him from?" Micah asked in a low tone.

He leaned closer to whisper in my ear, his hot breath tickling it. I fought another wave of chills. He smelled of sandalwood and sage. Like he always did. I used to love that smell. It was how his sheets- whoa! Stop right there!

"That's classified, I'm afraid." I answered.

He nodded, straightening back up and taking his intoxicating scent with him. I glanced around me one more time, mostly for reassurance. Micah cleared his throat.

"Fine. I hope you know we could both be in deep shit if we're caught."

I smiled mischievously.

"I know."

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