Chapter 16 {Cory's Past}

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Shelby's POV
Cory takes off his mask revealing his face. Cory's right eye is normal being a light brown color. His left eye has a scar over it and looks foggy. It's green on the out edge and fades inwards to be blue.
"What happened?!?" I ask "Well you know how my parents are famous. Some guys recognized me and kidnapped me. Of course I tried to fight back and this happened." Says Cory pointing to his left eye. "My vision is blurry in that eye now and it somehow changed from brown to green and blue." Continues Cory "Does it ever bother you?" I ask "Yeah it hurts a lot sometimes like right now." Says Cory. I look down to see my hand has a white glowing ball floating in it.
"Maybe I can heal it?" I say "That would be nice." Says Cory. I cup the left side of his face with my hand and watch the light travel up to his eye. It glows bright then fades away. Cory flutters his eyes open and looks around.
"It doesn't hurt anymore, and I can actually see clearly through it!" He exclaims "And it doesn't look foggy anymore, but I couldn't change its color back and you still have that scar." I say. Cory simply hugs me "Thank you." He says "You're welcome." I say hugging him back "You should probably get to bed now." Cory suggests "No." I say "Why not?" Asks Cory "Because I want to be here that way you won't do anything stupid." I answer.
"Fine then I'll make you..." Says Cory standing up and grabbing my hand. He drags us through a shadow into my room. "Now stay." Cory commands pointing at the floor. Right before he goes through another shadow I grab his wrist. Cory let's out a sigh "You aren't going to leave me are you?" "Nope!" I reply "Well where am I suppose to sleep then?" He asks "The bed." I answer "Where do you sleep then?" Cory asks "The bed." I repeat "B-but what I-if the o-others see us t-together?!?" Stutters Cory "Well you can shadow travel back to your room and beside all the beds are meant for two people." I say dragging Cory over to the bed.
"F-fine!" Says Cory looking away trying to hide the fact he is blushing. We slip into the bed and fall asleep together.

Aphmau's POV
I wake up in the morning and head downstairs to see Sky, Ross, Jin, and Red in the living room. "Cory and Shelby are still asleep?" Asks Jin "Apparently." Answers Ross "I'm going to check on them." Says Sky walking up the stairs. Moments later he leans on the railing of the stairwell and says "Cory isn't in his room." "What?!?" Says Red. We all rush upstairs and look in Cory's room. Sure enough he wasn't there and laying on his bed was his mask "We need to see if Shelby is here!" Says Ross as we rush over to Shelby's room. We open the door to see Shelby and Cory cuddling in bed. Shelby is on her side and Cory is holding her close with his arm while Shelby has her face snuggled in the nook of Cory's neck. "Nobody wake them up!" I whisper.
I then whisper something in Sky's ear. He nods in approval and I quickly run to grab my sketch book. Sky and I walk in Shelby's room and I climb on Sky's Shoulders to get a top view of Cory and Shelby cuddling.
As I quickly draw the scene in front of me Ross chuckles in the background. "And done!" I say looking at my master piece "Should we wake them up now?" Asks Jin "Yeah we probably should." Answers Red "Oh fine..." I say as Ross walks over and shakes Shelby and Cory awake. Shelby's eyes flutter open but Cory keeps his squinted.
Then they both immediately start blushing a dark red. "You didn't do anything to my cousin last night, did you?" Asks Ross "No, I wouldn't do anything like that!" Says Cory waving his hands in front of him "So is Shelby not hot enough for you then?" I ask "No she's ho- I mea- it ju- Shut up!" Shouts Cory. Shelby is just hiding her face behind a pillow saying "It's not what it looks like.". Everybody but Cory and Shelby laugh. "We'll meet you two downstairs." Says Red as we all walk down.
Shelby and Cory soon walk downstairs together. Cory looks up and opens his eye and for the first time we get a good look at his face. We all look in silence. "What happened?" I ask interrupting the silence "Funny story..." Says Cory rubbing the back of his head then proceeding to explain the story up until the moment he and Shelby fell asleep in bed together. "Interesting." Says Jin walking up closer to see the ombré of green to blue on Cory's eye "So both of your eyes were brown then this scar happened and it changed?" Asks Jin "Basically." Answers Cory shrugging "What made you show us now?" Asks Sky "Well.. um that would be because of S-Shelby." Says Cory blushing a little and giving a sweet smile. "So you're 100% sure a steamy make out sesh didn't happen in there." I say in a sassy tone raising an eyebrow "Yes we are 100% sure that didn't happen Aphmau." Says Shelby "So what training are we doing today?" Asks Sky "Well today I was thinking we could just do a group activity to bond more. And no Aphmau we can't bond over talking about your OTPs or any other ship." Says Red "Aww but SeptiPlier is just so adorable." I squeak to myself "So what's first?" Asks Cory "Spin the bottle but you only have to kiss on the cheek!" I shout "I'll do it!" Says Sky "I don't know.." Says Jin "You chicken Jin?" Asks Sky with a sly smile "What no. Fine I'm in!" Says Jin "Okay is everyone in?" I ask "I guess." Says Cory "Sure." Answers Shelby "I'll play but I will not kiss my cousin, that's all I'm asking." Says Ross "Sounds fair enough." Says Red "Are you joining Red?" Asks Sky "Yeah you are our age." I say "I guess I'll join." Says Red.

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