Chapter 16 / Home At Last

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 **Note: The end times events portrayed in this story are based off of those predicted in the Bible. They are not necessarily in the right order and may not correspond exactly with Biblical prophecy. For further study into the rapture, I would suggest going through a published study book on Revelation.


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    Haley's POV

    I ripped my eyes away from the Earth-viewing lake and took off running in excitement.  I hadn't seen Summer in nearly a year; I was about ready to pass out from excitement.  A skinny girl with long brown hair grabbed my attention, and I attack-hugged her from behind.

    "Summer!" I screamed, giggling uncontrollably.

    She turned around slowly, and my face reddened when I recognized her.  It was Summer's grandma again.  Those two looked exactly the same!  "Sorry," I mumbled in embarassment.

   Smiling, she opened her mouth to reply when she suddenly froze. 


    Somebody blasted around me and embraced the Summer look-alike.  I grinned at the irony; it looked like two Summers hugging each other.  Feeling invasive, I stepped back and whistled as I walked around, waiting to see Summer.  Oh yeah, I can finally whistle now.  Heaven really is amazing. 

    "Hey Haley," Summer laughed, eyes twinkling.

    "Hey buddy."  We stood staring at each other for a second.  

    Summer glared at me.  "I thought we were supposed to die at the same time!"

    I smiled sheepishly, then grabbed her arm and led her through towering trees and flowing streams until we reached a huge palace.  No one was guarding the entrance; people and angels were free to move in and out of the massive building.  

    Summer stood, marvelling.  The archangel suddenly flew out in a hurry, probably delivering a message somewhere.  Summer was staring at him openmouthed.  It had long since been a dream for her to meet Gabriel.  Smiling, I called for him and he paused.

    "Is He here?"  I asked.  Gabriel nodded, and glanced at Summer knowingly.  He glided to the ground right in front of her, placing his hands on her shoulders.

    "I've been watching over you," he whispered, and took off as quickly as he'd come.  I grabbed onto Summer and we sprinted into the palace.  She couldn't seem to form any words.   The massive throne took up a large portion of the room, radiating power and authority.  Warm feelings of love and peace washed over me, as always whenever I entered His presence.  I could never quite get used to it.  

    "Father,"  I murmured, falling at His feet.  Summer was laying flat on the floor, tears streaming down her face.  He looked down at us, eyes filled with joy.  He crouched down to our level and lifted us up, gently wiping away the tears on Summer's face, murmuring something to her.  

    Then, He led us outside, followed by all the angles and people in the palace.  "Let us rejoice!" He exclaimed.  "My daughter has finally come home."  He swept Summer in His arms and swung her around like she was a little girl.  "I have been waiting for this day since the moment I created you," he told her, smiling.  He gently put her down next to me again.  "You both have served Me well.  I created you both to help each other, and you have pleased Me greatly."  Suddenly, there was food and music and people dancing everywhere.  Summer seemed unable to move, a huge grin plastered on her face.  

    "Come on, dance!"  I pulled her into the throng, and we celebrated, rejoicing in our new life.  

Meme's POV

    The door opened a crack, and Meme shielded her eyes from the light.  A hard metal object clanged against the cement and the door slammed shut.  Meme peered at the ground, allowing her eyes to adjust to the darkness again.  A tiny bowl filled with something that resembled soup layed sideways on the ground, spilling.  She quickly sat it upright and drank the nauseating liquid greedily.  When every last drop had been licked clean from the bowl, she picked up a small screwdriver and made another scratch on the wooden wall.  She had been locked in here for four days now.  She could only guess at where she was since they had brought her in with a pillowcase over her head.  Probably some sort of shack in someone's backyard.  

    Meme was at the end of her rope.  Everyone she knew was either dead or missing.  She could only speculate what had happened to everyone else at the safehouse.   All she knew was that eventually she would go crazy and either take her own life somehow or find a way to escape.  But she certainly couldn't do it by herself.  She needed God.  But her shady past was filled with all kinds of despicable things, repulsive in the sight of the Lord.  How could he possibly allow her into His eternal kingdom with all that she had done?  There was no way he would call her His own.  Maybe He was punishing her by taking away all of her loved ones.  

    Suddenly, a verse Meme had memorized years ago resurfaced in her mind.  2 Corinthians 5:17.  Something about being made new.  Oh yes, I remember now.  Therefore, whoever is in Christ is a new creation, the old has gone, the new has come.  Could that really happen?  Could God make her completely new?  There was no more room for doubts and questions.  This was it.  Either Meme was going to give it all to God and throw away all the things she had done, or she was going to die alone in this shed.  Swallowing nervously, she folded her hands and bowed her head, and for the first time, truly prayed.  

    Dear God... I need You.  You know everything I have done, and You know all the doubts and questions that have blocked me from You for so long.  Please... forgive me for all my sins... I am so sorry.  I want to change.  I want to have a relationship with You.  I don't deserve any of what I'm asking, but please Lord... take me back.  I believe that Jesus died on the cross to take my sin away.  Please come into my heart, and make me new.  Amen.

    Immediately, Meme felt a sense of peace and hope wash over her that she never thought she'd experience.  She closed her eyes and thanked God, knowing that she was finally forgiven.  Shaking slightly, Meme wiped the tears from her eyes and leaned back against the wall, feeling stronger.  

    Suddenly, the door slammed open.  Meme jumped up, blinded by the daylight.  Something was wrong.  Her captors only opened her door once at the same time each day to feed her.  A tall figure she didn't recognize stood in the door.  

    "Come with me," he demanded.  Meme hesitated, then stepped outside behind him, surprisingly feeling no fear at all.  It didn't matter what happened to her now.  The God who created the universe called her His child.

[The End]

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