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Let me introduce myself...

My name is Kiera but I go by Kiki I am 19 years old My birthday is in August.Im really jus a chill laid back person. I love writing to help clear my mind im not the best but I try. I loveeee old skool music mostly because i was raised on it my favorite singer is the late and GREAT Aaliyah..R.I.P

And this is my (rant book) well OUR rant book I wanna try something different I know people have made many of these but I wanna try too.

If anyone who's reading this would like to talk about specific top(s) or have a question(s) let me know in the comment or pm me whatever it is and I will mention you when I update.

V v v v v v v v v v v v v

(If you dont wanna be mentioned just let me know and I wont mention you I'll just ask your question or whatever your topic is.)

^^ ^^ ^^ ^ ^ ^ ^^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^^ ^^^ ^ ^^ ^ ^
So if you have any questions for me or something you would like to talk about in this rant let me know speak your mind. Dont be scurrrrrred :)

All im asking is for no-one to judge what anyone ask or say or what we speak on.

And if you like it please tell others and if you dont wanna talk about anything you can always comment.

[ If anything negative or hurtful in anyway I WILL DELETE that comment!! ]

I think this is going to be fun :D
Thanks Lovely,


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