Ch. 15 Forbidden Love Part 2

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Kana stayed quiet but her eyes went wide seeing a small sea horse on the clothing where her lover just stood. She started to panic realizing that her lover is going to die if she doesn't act quickly thinking to herself on what she should do. 

" Oh my god! Oh my god! What do I do?! Please don't die on me Hatori! Should I get salt water or fresh water?!" She panic.

Kana decided to put the small sea horse in a glass cup filled with salt water. She grabbed his clothes and walked back towards the van that they rented for the night. She opened the back door stepping inside holding the glass close to her. 

" Don't worry Hatori...." She whispered. 

Kana knew that Hatori has been acting strange ever since they became friends but never questioned him because she didn't want him to hate her. 

" It's kind of cute....." She smiled. 

The small sea horse stared at her looking happy. 

Kana quickly closed her eyes when he poofed back to a human seeing him naked. She passed the clothes to him blushing bright red feeling embarrassed. Hatori accepted the clothes putting them on as his hair is still dripping wet. 

" I'm sorry...." Hatori mumbled. 

Kana's eyes softened grabbing a towel. 

" Oh Hatori" She smiled softly. 

Hatori stayed quiet letting Kana used the towel on his hair. He closed his eyes sighing happily glad that Kana isn't disgusted or upset at him. He started to explain to Kana about the Chinese Zodiac and the truth about it. 

" are one of the members of the Chinese Zodiac....." She whispered. " Don't you or the others get to choose, if you guys want to be them or not?" She frowned. 

Hatori opened his eyes looking down at his hands. 

" No....technically our ancestors upset the Gods and they cursed on them. Each generation, a member of the Sohma Clan becomes the host of the Chinese Zodiac" He sighed. 

Kana looked at him with worried eyes and smiled. 

" Well, do you want to hear a legend about my family?" She asked. 

Hatori looked at Kana curiously. 

" I'm not sure if it's true or not but it's a legend that my family has passed many generation. The legend is that the female of the Chouko family are descendant from Priestesses" She explained. " The Gods adore the Priestess and make sure nothing bad happens to them. The job of a priestess is to make sure the world is in peace and that no war will come between tribes or clans" She smiled. " Each generation, a priestess is born but now it's been skipping. My mother is said to be born as a priestess which means my sister and I aren't one. So, if I have a child or my sister has a child. One of them or both would be a priestess" She told him. 

Hatori looked in awe feeling speechless and even more curious about the woman he has fallen in love with. He felt that priestesses and priests would exist in the world but he didn't know that he would be looking at a descendant of a priestess. 

" That's amazing...." He whispers. 

Kana looked at him blushing lightly but feeling happy that the two are now finally closer. She took out her towel and covered his body. Hatori blinked wondering what she's doing but was shocked when she hugged him but he didn't transform because the towel is keeping from her body to touch his. He smiled feeling happy and relaxed to be embraced by the woman he loves.

Years passed and the two have been together in secret. Kana agreed with Hatori's that they wouldn't tell the Sohma clan about them being together because they would separate them. Hatori did told his close friends Ayame and Shigure. 

" Oh my goodness~ Our Hatori is finally growing up!" Shigure cried happily. 

Hatori twitched looking annoyed. 

" You are so beautiful~ Hatori is a lucky man to have a beautiful woman such as yourself my dear" Ayame smiled holding Kana's hand. 

Kana laughed happily smiling at the two men. 

Hatori invited the two men to come to Kana's apartment which Hatori comes and lives there at most nights not wanting the Sohma clan to be on him 24/7. 

Shigure and Ayame are happy for their best friend and wants what's best for him. They decided to keep this from the Sohma Clan as well because their friend's happiness is their top priority. 

" Have a good night you two. Have fun but not too much fun~" Shigure laughed. 

" Have a good night, we will keep in touch Kana-chan!" Ayame waved.

Kana waved at them happy that Hatori has such nice friends who love and care deeply for. Hatori sighed in relief glad that the two idiots left the house so he can be alone with Kana.

" You have such wonderful friends" Kana smiled. 

Hatori smiled. 

" I do....don't I" He chuckled. 

Hatori turned to Kana with a loving smile on his face. 

" Kana....." 

" Yes Hatori?" 

Hatori slowly went down on his knee taking out a cream colored box which opened revealing an engagement ring that look like a sea horse.  

Kana gasped tearing up

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Kana gasped tearing up. 

" Would you marry me?" Hatori asked. 

" Y-Y-Yes!" Kana nodded. 

Hatori smiled putting the ring in her finger kissing it lovingly. He is so happy to meet Kana and can't wait to marry and start a family with her. 

Kana never felt so much happiness and loved. She's engaged to the man of her dreams and she will soon marry to him. She wanted to hug him but didn't want him to get hurt by transforming into his sea horse form. She slowly leaned forward surprising Hatori with a soft gentle loving kiss which is the first time making their bonds ever closer and tighter than ever. 

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