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Ethan's POV

I woke up to the sound of my phone buzzing next to me. It was 12:20 am, who could be calling me at this hour? I found my phone and answered it.

"Ethan!" I heard Ash yell and another girl, Erica I suppose, giggle.

I sat up straight and wide awake; did this girl actually get drunk?

"Ash, where are you?" I asked her.

She giggled and man, that was really cute, "I think I am in Hotel Transylvania!"

Despite wanting to, I chuckled, "Ashley, can you tell me where you are?"

"Do you know what happened?" she asked, ignoring my question, "I'll tell you what happened! Michael came and took Abby away from us. He is so mean. He just took her! Who gave him rights to just take her with him?"

Michael. That's it. I've got to call him.

"Ash, listen to me carefully," I instructed. "Don't move. Stay where you are. Don't go anywhere."

"But," she started talking again, "Why? You're being my mommy! No Erica, Ethan wouldn't make a cute mommy."

I rolled my eyes, cut the call and immediately called Michael.

"Do you know where Abby and Erica are? I asked as soon as he answered.

"Yes, I got Abby from the bar that's near that big 7-11. Erm, what's the name?" he replied, thinking.

"It's okay, I know that place. Why didn't you take them with you?" I asked with annoyance and got off my bed to wear some decent clothes.

"Because they refused to come, no matter how hard I tried," he replied, "I told them to call you."

"Okay, I'll talk to you later," I said and cut the call.


"Do you know that there are these weird bugs that fly and glow?" Ash asked with amusement.

"Yes, they are called fireflies," I said while grabbing Erica's hand tightly and dragging them along with me.

"You're so smart," she said dreamily.

"Ethan's not smart. He is-he is, dumb! Uh-huh I said it!" Erica barged in, pointing at me.

"You're such a meanie!" Ash whined. "You're just jealous, he is smart!"

"Can you guys shut up?" I yelled and started walking faster, pushing people around me to make way.

Ash put up her index finger to her lips and stared at me with wide eyes. She actually looked adorable; staring at me with green eyes that held so much depth in them. Trying to ignore her, I continued walking. I settled Erica and Ash in the car after a lot of difficulty. Erica fell asleep while mumbling something about unicorns whereas Ash, on the other hand, would not shut up.

"Your skin is so soft," she said, giggling and poking my cheek with her finger.

I chuckled at her and sighed. She started giggling again; I gave her a confused look.

"Your hand fits in mine!" she said, taking her hand in my hand which resting on my lap.

I glanced down at our hands and then looked back at the road. We just sat there, hand in hand for quite a while but drunken people can't stay quiet for long, can they?

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