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A/N: Another happy chapter!

Warning: sexual content

The next morning I sat up in bed and examined myself in the mirror across the room. My hair looked like a pile of feathers and Harry's gold ribbon was tied in a bow around my neck. Cheeky. He must have done it last night because he was still sound asleep beside me.

He opened his eyes and snickered.

"Do I look like you?" I asked.

"You look like my pet."

He pulled me back down under the covers and threw a heavy leg over mine. "Go back to sleep," he ordered.

I guess he was still in charge. I'd always bristled at Harry's orders in the studio but in the bedroom his bossiness was infinitely more endearing.

I couldn't believe he was here in my bed. I was like a kid on Christmas morning. I wanted to sleep in and stay in the moment but I was too excited. I couldn't fall back asleep. I tried. I shut my eyes and landed blind kisses on his collarbone. A kittenish yawn escaped his lips and my heart burst with fondness.

I kissed his still lips hoping he would rouse and kiss me back.

He stuck his hand in my face. "Louis, do you know how rare it is that I sleep in?"

I kissed his palm. "Sorry, I'll let you sleep."

This was a lie. I slipped a leg between his and squirmed against him, pretending I was just trying to get comfortable. I felt his length on my thigh. It was thick and warm. I kept squirming. His eyes were closed. I thought he'd fallen back asleep when suddenly his eyes flipped open and he seized me by the waist. "Okay, turn around, I want to have you again."



"Lie back."

Harry looked unsure, but he did it anyway.

I pulled the sheets off of him. He was already hard, his length resting heavily against him. I positioned myself between his legs.

Harry's muscles clenched. "What are you doing?"

"Being your pet."

I held his gaze as I leaned down and licked him from base to tip. He threw his head back and moaned. "Oh God!"

I licked him again, this time much slower, lingering on his sensitive flesh. Harry's head thrashed around on the pillow.

On his forehead and chest I spotted the first prickling of sweat. If he was getting this worked up after a few licks, I wondered what he would be like once I took him in my mouth. I wasn't ready for that yet. I continued licking, varying the pressure and speed. He was getting impatient trying to push himself between my lips. I wouldn't give in. I could do this all day, and I just might. I switched from licking to kissing now and the change in sensation made him whimper. When I got to his tip and slowly kissed it, he cried out.

"Now do you want my kisses?"

"Yes," he sobbed.

That's when I wrapped my lips around him and slid down, taking all of him at once. Harry went absolutely ballistic. This was too perfect. He filled my mouth and I sucked and moved my lips, his entire body trembling at my every move.

The ribbon was constricting my movements, so I lifted my hand to take it off.

"No!" Harry shouted. "Leave it on! I like it."

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