Chapter 33

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This is dedicated to Midge, because I love Midge, and because Midge helped a lot with this chapter


 My dad scooped my up into his strong arms, struggling slightly with my cast and with the fact that I was trying as hard as I possibly could to break free from his strong grasp. His arms were wrapped around me, tight, and it was annoying me how much he was holding on.

“Let’s get you upstairs” he sighed, giving a look to my mum that would indicate he didn’t know what had been going on. And annoyingly enough, she accepted his facial expression, and completely believed him.

I thought I was going to have some sort of panic attack – I was that angry. My chest was about to burst and I had to stop myself from screaming hysterically. I was just so angry. There was nothing that I felt I could do.

I knew that I shouldn’t have let him dissuade me from telling someone, but for some reason he had. And I knew it was wrong. I was still kicking him as he carried me to the door that led to the stair case. The stair case from which I could still hear Brian shouting.

My dad struggled to open the door, and struggled to keep hold of me as he bent down slightly to open the door and walk through. As he did, he came into contact with the brawl that he would have otherwise missed.

“Brian…what the fuck man?” he asked, exhaling disappointedly as Midge stood before us, crying her eyes out and standing away in the corner.

“Our kids are hiding something” he slurred. “And I’m going to find out what.”

“No, they’re not. Brian you’re such a dumbfuck sometimes. You’re pissed. Out of it. You don’t have a sober fibre in your body. Just get out of here.”

As my dad ordered him around, Brian sort of mellowed and stared at him – avoiding Midge’s eyes entirely.

“Brian. Get out” he pushed as my uncle hesitated towards the doorway. “Go find Michelle.”

He sulked and swore under his breath one final time before leaving and slamming the door behind him.

Midge only began to cry harder, and I had sort of stopped struggling.

“Come on. You too kiddo. We’re going to talk upstairs.”

He sort of wrapped an arm loosely around her waist and guided her to the staircase, before gently urging her to walk upstairs in front of us.

By this time I had completely settled down in my dad’s arms, and was still as he carried me. I didn’t want to make a single noise – the silence that had settled between us was uncomfortable to say the least.

Midge tried to stop every now and then, to divert her path and run back down the stairs so that she would not have to suffer through the awkward conversation that was coming.

But my dad knew every move. He knew every time she was going to try and make a run for it, and would stop her whenever she tried.

Eventually, he got us both up the stairs and into my room – after having to force Midge to enter and hold the door open for us – and walked over to my bed, placing my down onto the top so that I was leaning against the pillows.

Midge crawled up and sat beside me, leaning her body in and sort of half facing me as my dad closed the door tight and walked over, sitting himself on the end of the bed so that the mattress sunk down slightly.

He exhaled deeply, staring deeply both at me and Midge. He was at a loss for words – he had no idea where to start.

“What was that all about?” he finally asked, openly directing the question at both of us.

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