Ch.7: we get suited up

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Ch.7: we get suited up

Percy's pov

three of the people in my top five dreading to meet list standing in front of me.


I now have finally meet everyone in my top five dreading to meat or see list. I think that's a bad thing honestly I don't know. I looked the three people up and down. there were two girls and a guy. I know I'm suppost to feel threatened by them but I felt sorry for the guy I mean look at him he was stuck with two girls. there must have been some serious fights with these people.I new before any one told me these people were builder, calmness, and destruction.

I had a good time playing capture the flag. I mean I never played capture the flag since I left camp Half-Blood and I have to admit I did miss it. at dinner the day before when Juniper had told me she new who I was I had made her promise to stay quite. although she wasn't to happy with that since "it would kill Grover, and everyone if I came back" because "they think I'm dead". to get her to stop talking I told her when the time coms we can come up with an idea and prank all the campers. she agreed, she also told use some trick as to were to stay hidden and some of her friend helped conceal me and Annabeth during capture the flag. that's how we got the idea we used for our plan.

now that feet looked like a small victory. as I stood there Annabeth came up to me with her dagger strapped to her arm. apparently in the rush of grabbing the flag she dropped her drakon bone sword. Builder was pretty, she had flowing brown hair and wore a flowing skirt with designs all over them a nice white blouse and a pendent with a stone. the other women had black hair that was perfectly straight, falling over her face. she wore a nice simple dress and wore a simple circlet around her head that shaped in to a swan. the man, he was the most threatening out of all of the three. he hade white hair and his pants hade holes all over them, his shirt worn from age. he looked like he had just got out from working in a garage.

if I was a normal person I would have never guessed that these three people were evil lords trying to take revenge on planet earth. I would have just thought they were innocent mortals going about their days. but I wasn't fooled, I grew up around this type of stuff since I was twelve, I knew better.

I watched has destruction came up to Chiron, growing in size as he did. he now was as tall as a god or goddess if they were in full height. he looked down at use all and said "ahhh, it feels so good to stretch." as I looked around every one was trembling in fear knowing very well one wrong move and he could just stomp his foot and we were all smashed like tiny little ants.

the gods appeared out of no were. and when they did the two women grew in size two.

from the looks of the three people we were suppost to fight I new even if all the world formed ranks we would still loose. I just didn't wont to be the person to say it out loud.

the three immortals looked around and destruction and calmness let out a horrible laugh. I clamped my hands over my ears. builder looked around mourn fully and grabbed destruction, signaling something. with in second destruction bellowed "we will be back and you will coward before my presents." before he disappeared dissolving into yellow smoke. I think he also needs to catch up on how we people talk because he just said we were going to coward before his presents and he said coward wrong it would have been cower, even I'm not that stupide.

once the other two immortals disappeared every one started up in chaos. then speaking of chaos, he appeared him self. when he appeared he said four words every one was waiting to hear "time to suit up."


sorry if it's a lame chapter. the first person to answer my question was apple11112 and thanks to every one who answered it too.

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