(Edited) Chapter 34

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Chapter 34


You've probably seen movies, right? Especially drama movies, preferably about teenagers. Maybe you've even come across the scene where the girl finds out her boyfriend is cheating on her. It's dramatic and super messy. It's like the world comes to a standstill, yet everything seems to be slipping out of your hands, like quick sand. It's intense, emotional and even a little pathetic.

That's not how it was with me.

My mind just went kind of "oh, so this is happening." I'm not going to say I didn't receive a nasty shock. I mean when I stepped through the door, seeing my boyfriend kissing another girl was the last thing I'd expected.

What I hadn't expected was my own reaction to it being so...muted.

One second they're kissing. He's standing against the locker, she's leaning over her; her hands wrapped around his neck, his lips on her lips. The very next second he stiffens and pushes her away. He notices me at the same time.

The panic is evident on his face when he comes after me. "Scarlett listen to me. Look—"

I don't listen to him. I simply turn back around and vanish through the doors. I can hear him coming after me, so I hide. I don't want to talk to him, not right now. I don't want to listen to his excuses or his explanation, or whatever it is. The smarter thing would be to confront him, to ask him why he was doing what he was doing. But I can't. Not right now. I don't trust myself right now. It could get really messy. I feel numb right now, but I know it's only the calm before the storm. Any minute now, this dam could burst.

I don't realize I'm crying until I feel wetness trickle down my cheek. More tears follow. I feel embarrassed and humiliated, wondering what people will think when they notice me crying. I start looking for Sandra. I need to go home and I don't have a ride. Maybe she could lend me her car.

But I come across Aiden first. He's alone with a glass of punch in his hands. It's horrible, the moment he notices my tear-stained face. Concern flits across his countenance, he immediately drops the glass on a table nearby and walks up to me. "Scarlett, what happened?" He sounds terrified.

"Aiden—please, take me away from here; please." Maybe it is the desperation in my voice, or maybe it is how I'm literally begging him to take me away. He doesn't asks any questions; he doesn't asks why or where, he simply nods, looking grim. He grabs my hands, and we exit the gymnasium.

He glances at me, just once. He's worried. He's confused, he wants an explanation.

William spots me just as we're exiting the gym. He wastes no time in coming over. "Scarlett please, just listen to me."

I feel so angry; I don't even want to look at him. One look at my face and Aiden knows that William did something. He stops mid way.

"Aiden please, let's just go," I protest. I just want to get the hell out of here. Aiden has other plans.

He turns around to William.

Oh god no

"I don't know what you did, but this is for making her cry." He forms his fingers into a fist, pulls back his arm and then throws a punch at William. The action is followed by a disgusting thwack.


I feel a little sorry for William, just a little. But I don't wait to see if he's okay. I head towards the parking lot with Aiden in tow.

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