Chapter 12

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Chapter 12

Paisley frowned across the table. "Daxton, that's not how you eat a burger."

Daxton raised an eyebrow, holding onto his lunch with his thumb and first two fingers. "And how should I eat a burger, Paisley?"

Paisley, holding her own messy burger, lifted her elbows and flapped them once, "With two hands, silly. Or it'll fall apart."

"It hasn't fallen apart yet," he picked up a fry with his other hand and ate it.

In response, Paisley turned to Kamree in the booth next to her and rolled her eyes, as if to say children--what can you do? Kamree snorted very unlady-like and took another sip of her water.

Friday came around faster than Kamree expected. The work week had been busy with producers filing in and out for the finishing of the Musetunes commercial. She wasn't sure why so many producers and editors went into a sixty second ad, but luckily knowing that wasn't part of her job. Her job was to answer the phone and direct said producers and editors to the right people. By the time the work week finished, Kamree was exhausted. Then she remembered her promise to buy Daxton dinner.

Instead of taking time to find Paisley a babysitter, Daxton had offered Paisley a spot on their "celebratory dinner." It was amazing and thoughtful and he never once blinked--rather, he let Paisley pick the place and gave her a grin when she suggested a burger joint down the road.

Paisley was thrilled. They didn't often get to go out to eat (at least, not until Daxton came into the picture), so the fact that Paisley not only got to go out to eat, but also pick the place would make it a mighty fine night for her.

Kamree loved it. Her heart felt heavy and warm as Daxton and Paisley argued about proper burger eating techniques. Daxton had been a saving grace for Paisley and her so far.

A part of her kept waiting for the other shoe to drop.

And it had to sometime. Bosses didn't just offer their homes, food, and transportation like Daxton did. Sure, she'd consider Daxton and her to be friends, but even most friends wouldn't stick out their necks like Daxton had. But what could he possibly want from her? What did she have that she could give him? Nothing that she knew of.

Kamree took a bite of her chicken sandwich and washed it down with a gulp of soda. This sandwich was wonderful. She'd marry it if she could. Meanwhile, Paisley had a smudge of ketchup on her cheek. She looked so cute eating her burger, her curls all over the place. If she wasn't careful they'd end up swallowed in ketchup. Kamree automatically wiped at the spot.

"Ree! I can do it." Paisley dropped her burger and pushed Kamree's arm away, then swiped at her tiny face with her own napkin. "I'm not a little kid."

Kamree smiled fondly at her little sister. "Of course not, baby girl." She so was. Kamree had practically raised Paisley. She'd always be a little kid to her. Always. Daxton and Kamree shared a smile.

"Hey little kid, I bet you I can eat more french fries in one minute than you can." Daxton challenged.

"You're on."

Thirty seconds in, Daxton had to pause, his mouth stuffed full to the brim with the fries off his plate, as his phone rang. He choked the food down, took a sip of his water, and answered it. "Hello?"

Kamree didn't know who was on the other line, but Daxton had a light expression on his face, which meant it couldn't be anything too bad.

His eyes shot to her. "Yeah, she's right here."

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