Pushed To The Limit

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The cocoon of warmth I felt when waking up was wonderful. I rolled over loving the softness of the sheets beneath me. I rolled once more spreading my arms and legs wide enjoying the coolness, I roll-hey! With all the rolling I was doing I should have ended up face to carpet falling off the edge of my full size bed. So why was there still bed beneath me? Then it hit me, the scent that never failed to make my wolf sigh with content while burning with lust. I shot up ready to pummel him if he was in this bed with me, but all that greeted me was silence. 

Rubbing my eyes, I let them take in my surroundings. It was a typical male’s room. Big king size bed with black sheets, a desk set up with a computer in the far corner, a masculine looking lamp, a 32” plasma TV mounted on the wall with a pretty killer stereo system below. Then I glanced to my right and saw there was a floor to ceiling window currently covered by drapes. Ever the curious one I got up to check it out only to find that it wasn’t a window exactly, but sliding glass doors that led to a balcony over looking the lake in the back of Trevor’s pack house. The sun was just above the horizon and if I had a camera I would have snapped a picture. I would have to ask Trevor if I could come back sometime to do just that.

I know what he was thinking, he thought I would carry through with this mate thing and let him mark me. I won’t deny that it was probably inevitable because I was already having a hard time fighting the attraction, but that doesn’t mean I couldn’t make him pay a little first. He needed to learn a lesson now and learn it good so that once I was ready to be his mate permanently, he would never even think twice about another girl.

All of a sudden the door opened. The man himself walked in with nothing more than a pair of boxers on. My eyes wandered from his long, muscular legs to his very impressive package, then landing on his finely toned chest and stomach. Oh yes, I was having a very hard time fighting the attraction. My eyes then landed on his sensual lips that I wanted to taste until I realized they were smirking at me. I turned away hating the blush that I knew was creeping onto my face.

“No need to turn babe, you can look all you want, after all this” he made a sweeping motion with his hands from head to toe, “is all yours.”

“Who said I wanted it to be mine?” I tried to argue.

“Your eyes did as they practically ate me whole. But I don’t mind, it’s a major turn on. Do you have an itch you need me to scratch?” he taunted me.

“As if, I would rather cover my body in mud to soothe it rather than let you scratch my itch!” I lied through my teeth.

He chuckled then made his way towards the bathroom, “I’m going to shower, then I’ll take you home so you can get ready for school, although, you’re welcome to jump in with me and save some time, and water.” He shut the bathroom door in just enough time to dodge my pillow to his head. He was acting way too cocky, as if he already had me and he knew it. It was time to put operation payback in motion.

Rushing downstairs I saw Cody eating his Cereal at the table and luckily he was alone, so I had him help me find an empty plastic shopping bag, gave him a quick kiss on the forehead promising to visit soon, and ran outside. Moving further into the trees I undressed and put my things in the plastic bag tying the handles together. I shifted as fast as I could, put the bag in my mouth and ran for all I was worth straight across Trevors land, past our school, and into our territory. Making it to the tree line surrounding our pack house I shifted back and got dressed.

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