A Demon's Soul Mate (A Sesshomaru Story) Chapter 2

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RECAP: I was walking into a clearing and saw a little girl picking flowers with this ugly toad thing watching her. And the sorce of that dog smell sitting under the shade of a tree with one of his legs bent at the knee staring at me.

Sesshomaru's P.O.V.

I caught the sent of an other demon but this sent was different than other demons. That's when SHE steped out and into the clearing with Rin, jocken, and i. She's so beutifull. My inner demon "Why don't you let me out?" "no." "Why? I know that you want her. So why not let me out so that you can have her?" "Because i know that if i let you out you will not only take her but rin as well and any other wemen you can get your hands on that is why." "I WILL get out and i WILL have her weather you like it or not!" "not if i can stop it!" Icame back to the present when i heard jocken screech "Who are you whench!?"


RIN's P.O.V.

I looked up from picking flowers for master jocken and lord sesshomaru to see this really pretty lady walk into the clearing. The pretty lady was just staring at lord sesshomaru and lord sesshomaru was just staring right back at her.


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