Author's Note

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I need everyone to realize that a lot of the places in this story were inspired by real places.  There's a place that will always be near to my heart where several teepee rings line the hills and arrowheads can be found in the dirt. It may not be surrounded by lush trees, but the stream where Emily fishes does, in fact, exist. Every fall water from the nearby mountains runs off into these hills and fills it with crisp glacier water.
Also, I used the Indian Paintbrush flowers in my story to explain where this takes place. In Wyoming, there are beautiful places where words could never describe how amazing it looks. Indian Paintbrushes are the state flower and really do look like paintbrushes. I love this state, and I really think that it's underrated. You just have to look in the right places to experience the true beauty of Wyoming.

Anyway, thank you all for reading and for all the awesome feedback. It truly is amazing to see other people enjoying my characters and make my story their own.

-From your author, Ashyloo2.

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