Chapter II

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"So instead of giving you the old speech we give all newcomers, I'm going to give you a pretty short-and-sweet version. Unless you'd rather me drone on and welcome you to Liberty High every two minutes." She says. I quickly nod, wanting to get out of this social situation. Freshman and seniors don't usually interact, or at least not in Oklahoma. 

We walked through the halls silently, Stephanie occasionally breaking the silence to explain a rule. I was zoning out as we got to the first class on the tour. "This is your first class of the day, English. The teacher's name is Mr. Libet and he's super nice. Tip to get him to like you more, make sure to pronounce his name correctly. It's French, so it is said like Lib-ay." She said, then continued about her boyfriend or something like that, honestly I couldn't care less. We breezed through the rest of my schedule, showing me all the classrooms and telling me about the teachers. "I hope you have a good first day, I need to get back to the office. Here is your schedule." She said, handing me the piece of paper. I took it and thanked her, heading to the back of the school to music class. 

I walked into the classroom, instantly dazed. The room was insanely spacious, filled with instruments from guitars to french horns. The students were filing in now, and going to seats on a set of risers.  I walked up to the teacher, Mrs.Elsley, and introducing myself. "Hello Mrs.Elsley, I just transferred and I was wondering if there is anything I need to catch up on and if I had an assigned seat." I said, quietly. "Honey, there is no need to be timid around me. I will have your partners fill you in on the group project but other than that there is no work to be caught up on. I will have you introduce yourself to the class at the end of this class session. For now, go sit by the Kropp brothers." She said, looking down at her paperwork. I continued standing there and she looked back up at me. "I don't know who the Kropp brothers are. You might have misunderstood me. I just transferred into the school, as well as this class." I said, rubbing my wrist nervously. She didn't say anything, but smiled and gestured to a group of three boys sitting together, one had his feet on a chair beside him.

I walked in that direction, hand still clamped nervously to my wrist, looking around to see if there were any seats near them, other than the one the boy was resting his feet on. I walked over towards them, as I didn't see any other seats. I approached the one in the center and asked him quietly if I could sit in the seat he was propping his feet on. He looked up at me and tilted his head, looking confused. He didn't hear me. I opened my mouth to speak louder, and nothing came out. I shook my head, as to say never mind as I walked over sitting on the floor, slightly beside and behind the other chairs. I was fine here and now, I don't have to socialize. I glanced back at the Kropp brothers to see the two sitting on the sides whispering to each-other. 

I then picked up my book bag and rifled through it, looking for my art book. I had art 5th period, and I didn't want to go into class with nothing started. I pulled it out of my bag and flipped to a new page. I started drawing a new piece, with no intention of coloring it. I was drawing a church with a slight medieval and futuristic accents. I finished laying down the groundwork and started expanding as I saw shoes in my peripheral vision. "Hey, Mrs.Elsley said you were supposed sit between Remington and I. If she told you that, why didn't you say anything?" He asked politely, trying to get my attention. I continued to sketch out the next layer lightly going over the first layer. When I started darkening the lines I felt him sit down next to me. "Wow, you're really good, the architectural style is really cool in drawing. That's what I like to draw a lot of the times, but Mr. Dyjang won't give my work the time of day. Honestly I think he's high all the time. Everyone just calls him Mr. Dying." He said. I then looked up at him, analyzing his facial features. He had long and dark brown hair, a striped black and white shirt, and black skinny jeans. Or maybe they were leather. I looked back up at his face before tilting my head back down and finishing the final layer of this section. "You should really come sit with us, I promise we're not the most rude people in the school." He said, turning his head to look at me. I shook my head, looking up into his eyes, something I didn't evaluate. They were a light green, and you could get lost in them so easily. They were a cold colour, yet felt so warm and welcoming. He shrugged, getting more comfortable. "I guess I'm staying then" He says. 

The class started with a warm welcoming ramble from Mrs.Elsley and then she walked over to the two of us, and looked confused. "That's not exactly what I meant by 'sit next to the Kropp brothers', Ms. Floyd." She says. "I guess you two can work together, since neither of you have a partner. You will have to produce a cover of a song by the end of the month. One rule applies to this project, no current music. Good luck to you both." 

I looked over to him and he seemed somewhat lost in thoughts, while now staring directly at me. "Hey, you" I say, waving my had in front of his face. He flinches and seems to come out of the daze and starts coughing. "Yeah?" He says blatantly, now looking directly into my eyes. "If we're going to work together efficiently, we might need to know each other's names." I said, matter-of-factly. "I'm Raye, what's your name?" I said, extending my hand feeling like a second grader trying to make friends. "Emerson" He says, taking my hand and shaking it. Time flew by as we started talking about a mass variety of songs we could cover. "Getting this done in a month is going to be a real task." He says, handing me his phone. It was on the contacts screen, so I typed in my contact information. I then took a photo of myself, not really getting my face much. I saved the contact and then handed the phone back to him, packing up my book bag and heading out of the room. 

"What class do you have next?" I hear Emerson say from behind me. I looked back at him, a slightly confused expression playing on my face. "Which class do you have 3rd session?" He repeated. I handed him my schedule. He mumbled a little as his eyes scanned it. "Chemistry? I thought you were a freshman, that's a junior class! Remington has that class as well, I'll see if he can walk you." Seconds later I see the guy in the middle jogging up to me. "Hey, your name is Raye right? My brother just asked me to walk you to 3rd session. My name is Remington." He looked at me and smiled. I looked up at him. He had nice facial features, and very embracing, warm brown eyes. He also had one of the nicest smiles I've seen in my life. If I was trying to make friends, I probably would have stayed and walked with him. "I don't need help finding my class, Remington. I already have been shown around by Stephanie. If I get lost, so be it." I said to him, watching a confused look cross his face as I continued to turn and walk to chemistry.

Chemistry and History classes went by quickly, and I had to avoid strange glares from Remington until his other brother got to session 4. As the bell rung, I prayed to Jesus as I ran towards the art room. I greeted Mr.Dyjang and walked to the back of the room, waiting to be assigned a seat. I saw Emerson stroll into the room, and sit down at his table. He didn't seem to notice me, and I'm not so sure If I'm grateful for that, or not. Mr.Dyjang them came up to me and pointed to an empty seat across the aisle from Emerson. There is no getting away from that kid. I went through class, just painting what Mr.Dyjang told me to paint. I'm not so sure I'm going to like this class. On the way out, Emerson caught up to me. Hey, we need to figure out the song for our music project before tomorrow so we can start arranging it. Do you want to meet up after school?" He says, I nod and he says he'll text me about it closer to the end of the day. Now I have to survive lunch.


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