Feitan X Reader

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Your P.O.V
"F-Feitan? Where are you?" I called out. Feitan was my closest friend in the Phantom Troupe and he recently was severely injured. Shalnark came and told me.
I heard a grunt and a moan, but they sounded hurt. "Feitan?" I spotted the short(?) man resting by a box. When he caught me staring he quickly turned his head and blushed. He was strong, but weak in his heart. He was a huge softie.
I cautiously walked over to his small frame and say beside him. "You're hurt." I saw his side. It had a huge gash. I touched it and he flinched.
"I'm not a child."
"You need help."
"No I don't. I can handle myself."
I sighed. Not in defeat, but in annoyance. "Feitan, stop acting like you can do anything, because you can't. You can't heal yourself. It's impossible. Let me bandage that up."
Feitan sighed but let me. "You need to take of your cloak."
He reluctantly took it off, along with his black shirt under it and revealed his nicely toned torso. I blushed a dark red.
"Why is your face red?"
"N-nothing..." I stuttered. "Lets bandage that up."


"Thanks." Feitan blushed fifty shades of red.
"As long as your okay." I smiled.
Then, the inevitable happened. He kissed me. On the lips!
"C'mon. Lets get back to the others."

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