"So many questions"

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WARNING BEFORE READING: this story has many errors due to not editing any part of it. The only editing that was made was from Microsoft Word which auto corrects the spelling etc. That is all...continue reading if you wish

- BubblegumLuke


Tall, muscular, honey coloured hair styled in a quiff, baby blue eyes and sun kissed skin - Girls love him. They fall helplessly at his feet and consider it an honour to have a night of pleasure with him. This boy doesn't date, instead he sticks with his player buddies and breaks hearts with a simple 'no'. He's Mr.Popular, the talk of the girls gossip.

Apparently he is perfection - 'got them genetics that make you believe in God' I quote from the endless chatter I hear around the school. He walks down the hallway and each and every girl stops and stares, hoping, waiting, for him to grab her hand, press her to her locker and partake in a kiss full of passion.

What makes him more 'attractive' is that he is rough say my friends. By rough I mean a troublesome boy. Constantly causing friction during the class, overdoses of public display of attention (Shortened and more known as PDA), the skipping of classes, the bending of rules and every other thing that bad boys do. Funny thing is though, he hardly gets detention - not even one from Mrs Mears. Rumour has it, he and his little friends threaten her about telling the principal that she's having an affair with the head of science.

You may be thinking, she's obviously had her heartbroken by this boy, but I haven't. I have hardly interest in the popular boys, I stick to the ones who are just ridding their virginity's. Popular people of the opposite sex don't mix at this school. They stay as far away as possible from each other. The boys root the wannabe popular chicks, and the girls go for the nerdy guys. No one questions it, they just go with the flow... Until he came along.

My name's Georgia, Georgia Kerry. It's girlish but yet bad ass - I like it. My age? Seventeen years young. I am currently at a Christian school - but there ain't no good church girls or boys who attend it. Even the geeks don't bother going; and it's not because they want to be cool. You just don't go to it.

As you may have already figured out, I'm what people class as popular. Girls want to be me and are constantly trying to get into my group. Some of them are actually really nice with helping me (cheat to be exact) with my maths homework which I absolutely dread, but my so called 'friends' (more like spoilt little rich girls) turn them down. Of course, I'm not doing anything about this. I have a reputation to hold and even if it means hurting people I actually genuinely would like to be friends with, I will go to those lengths. Let me guess, you think I am a 'mean girl'. Well, welcome to my life.

"Georgia Rose Kerry get your but out of bed! You have less than half an hour to get to school!" Everyone knows that when your mother calls you by your full name, they're being completely serious and you're going to be in deep shit if you don't do what they say.

Reluctantly, I pulled my tan, slim figure from the soft, thin, pale pink sheets of my bed. My eyes flickered to the long square white iphone that sat peacefully on my dark oak bedside dresser. I gently pressed the little circle at the bottom and the screen lit up with my Harry Styles lock screen. I mean, who doesn't have Harry as their lockscreen? He's a complete hotty and if he asked me for a quickie, I wouldn't even stop to think. The time showed 7:45am - a little exaggeration there mum. Classes didn't start until eight forty five so I had plenty of time to get ready.

I moved over to my snow white drawer and opened then closed the drawers until I found the perfect outfit. I slipped on a black and white stripped tee with a pocket on the top left side and a pair of short blue jean shorts. Satisfied with my chosen clothes, I found myself in my bathroom, staring into the mirror, wondering what to do with my hair. I decided with leaving my boob long wavy chocolate locks out and gave them a swift brush. A touch of concealer, mascara and light amount of red lipstick completed the look and I made my way down to the kitchen.

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