Chapter 9

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(Okay so this is going to be a week from when she got kidnapped. There will be a picture of Dustin at the end of the chapter.)

I scream for what feels like the millionth time. I'm covered with cuts.

There's a puddle of blood surrounding the chair and I'm bleeding from just about everywhere.

The man walks in. "Oh I'm sorry. It was kind of rude of me not to introduce myself. My name is Dustin and I'm your worst nightmare," he growls.

I whimper as he slaps me. "You know beating you is extremely fun and amusing," he smirks.

Tears fall down my cheeks. How can a person be this cruel to someone they don't even know.

He kicks me in the stomach and I pass out from all of the unbearable pain.


There's only one person who could have kidnapped her. My older brother. Dustin. Leader of The Dragons.

I get in my car with some of my gang members and drive to his house.

I get out of the car after loading my gun and cocking it. I walk to the door and kick it open.

"Dustin!!! I know you have Ingrid! Give her back!!" I scream.

Why am I so protective over her?

Maybe because you like her dummy.

Dustin walks over to the door with a smirk. He's holding a bloodied and limp Ingrid.

She looks dead. I hold back the tears. "Give her back," I say through clenched teeth.

He shakes his head, "Not until you give me what I want." He says.

"Well what do you want?" I ask.

"Money," he says.

"How much?" I say pulling my wallet and the rest of the gang does the same.

"2,200 dollars," he says. I nod and the gang and I hand  him the money. 

He drops Ingrid and I run over to her and pick her up. I take her to my car with the rest of the gang following behind me.

I promise I'll never hurt her. I love her too much.

Name: Dustin Age: 22Hair Color: black Eye Color: greenOther: tattoos and piercings (I'm guessing you already know what his personality is)

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Name: Dustin
Age: 22
Hair Color: black
Eye Color: green
Other: tattoos and piercings
(I'm guessing you already know what his personality is)

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