Nature's Ally (2)

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“You are not fit to be Alpha Damen! You know that we must defeat that pack and yet you’re holding back!”

“Sympathy?! You are a weak leader! We must end them and you must lead us—“

“I don’t have to do anything.” I corrected. They had some nerve.

“We want an Alpha who has a clear head and stands up for his pack!”

“Yeah!” Came a chorus of angry shouts.

“What kind of leader can’t even stand up for what he believes?! You promised us an end to the Crimson Maire and now you’re going against your word!”  

“When you became Alpha we stood behind you because we thought you were as great as your father but you are nothing like him!”

“You’re right; I’m not because I don’t believe in killing someone in cold blood. They are powerless. How mighty are we if we have to wait until they are weak before we fight them? I am not a coward and I will not fight a cowardly fight!”

“This has nothing to do with your honour.” Everyone stopped and turned to the end of the crowd. Riley slowly made his way forward with Carter and Austin to either side of him. I raised an eyebrow at him. “Admit it Damen, you are no better than her!” His hand flew back and he pointed to something further back. I tried looking pass him and saw Kyle pulling something along the floor. He dragged the object until he was standing directly infront of Riley. I gasped when I saw that they had beaten and tied Terri. She laid there on the floor shivering and in the dim light I could see a few areas of discoloured skin that must have been as a result of bruising. Every few seconds I would hear her whimper but she never lifted her face off the ground to see all the onlookers.

 I snarled at Riley; he had gone too far.

“Heh, it figures you would have sympathy for her, after all you two are one and the same.”

I stormed over to them and pushed them out of the way. I threw myself on my knees and tried taking a look at how badly she was beaten. She looked up at me with soaked eyes and her face was stained with blood. Her left cheek was swollen and her area around her left eye looked darker.

“Damen . . .” She whimpered. It wasn’t until she tried reaching for me that I realized she could hardly shift her hands let alone break free. They had probably broken a few of her bones. More than likely her ribs because she winced with every breath that she took.

“I think we need a new Alpha, someone who knows how to please his pack.” Riley said right before going wolf. He growled then lunged at me but I shifted in time to avoid the attack. So that was the game he was playing. Fine. I stood then morphed as well. When he turned to face me again he snarled at me. When he lunged again I met him halfway and knocked him to the ground. Alpha was my position and I would fight for it.

---Maia’s POV---

“Where are you going?” Ryder called after me as I got up and headed for the door.

I paused at the door. “Well with any luck I should be able to persuade the forest before lunch.” He rolled his eyes then curled right back up and headed back to sleep. He must have thought that I was joking but I wasn’t. The sooner I did this was the sooner we would know what we would need to do.

I walked into the bathroom. I stood before the mirror and pulled my hair into a ponytail; I couldn’t have it getting in the way. Who knew what the forest might have thrown at me and I needed to more without hitch. I slapped my cheeks to bring some colour into them then ran back to my room.

I had forgotten that I was still in my dress and I was NOT going to give the forest the satisfaction of ruining it. It seemed to have a little fetish for ruining just about anything I wore into it. My favourite pair of jeans was ripped to shreds because of my little transformation; the sweater my dead grandmother gave to me was now caked in mud—I don’t know what it’s decided to leave intact but something  told me that it wouldn’t be this dress so I had to take it off. This time I pulled on I pulled on my faded blue denim shorts and my yellow t-shirt that I had worn the Sunday Dad and I painted the garage and garden. I didn’t really care what happened to these—though I would still be pissed if they got ruined too because it was the principle of the thing. I had never consciously done anything to the forest or nature on a whole so it needed to leave me alone.

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