Chapter 6

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Old habits die hard.

Nothing else could explain the foolish urge that Khushi had to pull out another one of her tried and tested excuse from her arsenal, making a run from this conversation staring her in the eyes. So busy was her frantic mind in devising a strategy to get out of this situation that she gave no heed to the lavish manly room around her. Or to the owner of that room who was now standing barely a foot away from her, his hands folded on his chest.


She looked up, startled as her heart leaped up in her chest. Instinctively, she moved a few paces back, away from the heat and threat his body was emanating. God, of other things she didn't know but they should really talk about respecting personal spaces. Anyway, showtime! She smiled brightly. A stubborn fake it till you make it smile. Getting ready to deflect the upcoming chit-chat on her stupidity. She was an expert in skirting around the topic by now, wasn't she?

"Don't even think about it," the man in front of her warned as if stealing her thoughts.

What in the hell? How did he...? She looked like a deer caught in headlights.

"Your guests are waiting," he reminded and waved the transceiver in front of her face for better effect.

Following the movement of small black gadget with her big round eyes, her mind filled with images of a smiling Archie who has been there for her during every low and every high of her life since last three years, day and night, without demanding anything in return. Her first taste of normal in life. Her first taste of liberation. Her true, and only friend. Her sweetheart! All her sneaky plans immediately deflated. Sense of loyalty raised its head in her brain and glared at her. And Khushi knew it was a lost battle from here on. Her luck in this game of hide and seek has finally run out.

Khushi Ranjan Vaghela was aware of her status in this world. And she had enough sass to match her status. But she also knew that no amount of status or sass was enough to spurn Arnav Singh Raizada off today when he made his demand to talk. With a resigned sigh, she resigned herself to fate.

"Okay," she said in a small voice.

"Okay, what?"

"I will... I mean we will talk. You just give Archie a VIP lounge."

It all but slayed Arnav that Archer Calhill was so important to her, but he decided to not dwell on it. At the moment, that is. Arnav knew it would do him good to concentrate on Khushi and not that monkey. "And what if you make a run for it after your friend gets a lounge? I have waited three years for this talk, Khushi," he demanded.

And what about three years I spent avoiding it? Khushi closed her eyes, tilted her face up towards the roof and silently inhaled a few big gulps of air, calming herself, preparing herself.

At the sight of her swan-like neck stretched in front of him and her milky face sexily upturned, Arnav gulped too. This time, he took a discreet step back.

"You have my word. We will talk," she said opening her eyes with determination.

He nodded. Since last sixteen years that he has known her, she was never a liar. And even if that wouldn't have been true, he was going to need her trust in spades for the conversation that was to follow, so showing a little of his own looked like a good starting point.

Dispensing with the hurdle of giving her party a lounge, and throwing in an unnecessary order of taking extra good care of them to appease the beautiful goddess in front of him, Arnav geared up for the moment he has been waiting for too long.

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