the viedo

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This is my first time making one of these so don't judge me!!!!!
Your POV
Shane invited me over to his house after being friends for a few weeks for video. I'm guessing he just needed a sidekick to make his self attacking jokes less sympathetic to the viewers. I walked up to his door and knocked lightly when immediately he opened the door and grabbed my shoulders yanking me in his apartment. He closed the door and locked and leaned down to my ear and whispered
" I wanna show you something." pulling towards the couch. Laying on my back he climbed on top of me and started kissing neck. I tugged at his hair as his hand lowered down under my shirt and unfastened my bra one handed. He stopped kissing my neck so he could take of my shirt and bra. Completely forgetting about my neck he started to lick and nibble at one breast and messed with the other. I moaned softly at him. He looked up at me from chest with menacing smile.
" you think this bad I'm just getting started." With that he quickly unbutton and unzipped my jeans and put his hand in the pocket between the jeans and my underwear. He slowly rubbed me through me underwear. I took in a sharp breath and held on to his head closer as he kissed my neck again. I started to moan a bit louder now
which I guess was a signal for him because he took off his shirt and I saw all the scars lining across his stomach. He looked at me sadly as if he were ashamed. I sat up from my postion and pushed him down kissing the scars until I got to the hem of his pants and pulled them down. I could see the bulge of member in his boxers. Palming his bulge I licked and bit his chest leaving love bites all over him. He moaned while closing his eyes very tightly.
"Shit (y/n)"
I took his member out of his boxers and was a little taken back by the size but I didn't care. I licked the tip almost French kissing it as Shane was was losing his his complete and utter mind. I decided to take him in whole but almost gagging at one point. He started moaned against his member sending vibrations through his body so I made it worse by grabbing his balls playing with them.
"(Y/n) I...i." was he could say before I felt a warm liquid in my mouth. I let go of his member to only be tackled by him and have my jeans and underwear yanked down to the floor and Shane lick suck furiously. I grabbed onto his hair and groaned loudly screaming his name in between each lick. He took two of his fingers and shoved them into me.
"Ahhh SHANE...."
He moved them at a very fast pace until I felt at big knot in my stomach. I could even manage to speak. I felt felt an explosion of exsatcy run over my body when something short shot out of me and into Shane's mouth. He slowly got up and grabbed a near by blanket covering us on the couch. I stuffed my face in to his neck only to be kissed softly on the lips. We end up falling asleep but before I could I saw a camera standing in the middle of the room with a light flashing red. I thought to myself. Did we just make a sex tape?

Lord forgive me for I have sined

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