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Welcome to the FAQ page. In this page we answer questions you might have.

What is The Silver Awards?
The Silver Awards is a collaborative project that gives back to the Warriors Community through awards.

How do I vote?
You have to do something called "inline commenting". Inline commenting can only be done on mobile devices. How does it work? You press and hold on a sentence, and a comment option will appear. Do that on the nominee's name, and your vote (comment) will be counted.

Who runs the account?
The WarriorsOfTheCentury and WarriorsOfTheDecade Teams. You can see our personal accounts on that profile. On this account we call ourselves the Year Team.

How do I get nominated?
Someone else would have to nominate you, and give us the category they want to nominate you for. At least one reason must be present.

What do we do after we get nominated?
You have to PM this account, telling us that you are interested/uninterested in participating. If you are uninterested, you don't have to participate.

What prizes are there?
Prizes include a follow, adding the winning books to our reading list, spam of votes, shoutouts and more!

What are the categories for The Silver Awards?
The categories can be found on the previous page, with more information.

Are you hiring admins?
No, because this is ran by Century and Decade admins.

Can we nominate people for The Shadow Plaque?
No, you can't. The admins will choose the nominee themselves.

Why isn't adventure/long stories a category?
It takes too long for writers to finish their books, and we will have to evaluate each nominated book, which takes up too much time.

How many times can someone be nominated for?
Twice. We want more people to have opportunities to participate.

Can admins of Century and Decade be nominated?
Yes, they may be nominated as voting is by Yearlets, not the Admins.

Where do we nominate people?
Go to the previous post titled "Categories", and state who you want to nominate for which category.

Can I nominate more than one person for the same category?
Yes, you may. You'll get to see two of your favourite authors in action against each other, though!

If I'm nominated, but my entry is not warriors related, may I still participate?
No, apologies. This is a warriors-based awards account, and there will definitely be other accounts that accommodate other categories.

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