Double Date

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Chapter 5
Rachels pov:
Its been a couple days since Quinn and I kissed and it was the most epic thing ever. I was at my locker when Quinn came up to me.

"Hey." I said smiling.

"Hey, can we talk in private." She said.

"Yeah." I said and we went into an empty class room.

She shut the door and said,


"So." I said.

"What happened the other day it can't happen again." She told me.

"Oh why I thought you were ya know into me." I said.

"I am but I have a reputation to uphold and Finn and I are dating not to mention my parents would crucify me if they ever knew." She told me.

"Oh." I said looking down.

"Look we can be friends but I just don't think it's going to work." She told me.

"No it's cool I get it." I said and went back to my locker with her following me.

"Please don't be mad." She said .

"I'm not it's okay." I said lying.

"Hey girls whatcha talking about?" Finn said coming up to us.

"A project." I said .

"Oh cool, so Rachel I met this girl Ashley and it just so happens she thinks you're cute. You think you wanna maybe go on a date with her?"
He asked me.

I looked at Quinn and smiled at Finn,

"Sure I would love too maybe we could even make it a double date." I suggested.

"Sounds great." He said.

"Awesome hows Friday for you guys?" I asked him.

"Good for me. How about you Quinn?" He asked her.

"Sounds good." She said.

"Great, tell Ashley to text me." I said and walked away knowing how jealous Quinn was.

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