Chapter 7

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//Your pov//
Class was boring, I sat in my usual sit, the bell rang, signaling the period was over, the teacher walked in with a boy, he had chocolate brown hair and crystal blue eyes, he had a fit body and tan skin.

"Class meet Justin, why don't you introduce yourself dear?" Our teacher said

"Oh okay, I'm Justin greener, I come from America but I was born in Spain, I'm 18 and I love playing sports! I really hope I can get to now you guys!" He said, his voice is so dreamy~ ugh no (y/n) you have Adrien stop thinking this!!!!
Oh no he is coming to my table! What do I do??? He sat next to me!! WHAT DO I DO?!?

I started sweating a little, I admit I was a little concerned about the situation...

"Hey, I don't bite!" He said, I looked at him and smiled, then before I could say anything Adrien slammed his fist to my table and said

"But I do" oh boy this is not going to end well, Adrien started muttering thing like 'you wanna go? Huh! Huh!' And stuff like that, then all of the sudden he said

"Don't mess with would be a CATasthropy if you do!" After that poor Justin started rattling and sweat dropping anime style, then he ran away,

"IT WAS NICE MEETING YOU JUSTIN!" I said, then Adrien sat next to me,

"So how were your first 3 periods?" He asked, I just looked at him with a don't-you-dare-say-anything-else face, Adrien might be my boyfriend but he can be a pain when he gets jelly.

-A couple of hours later we had science class, I dropped my pencil and Justin went and tried to grab it...I said tried...why? Because Adrien slid and grabbed the pencil before Justin saying 'sike!' Poor Justin,

"Thanks!" I said

"Oh not this guy again" I heard Justin mutter, I mouthed 'SORRY' then he left, Adrien stood up and gave me my pencil, I looked at him and said,

"You really need to control you emotions, because next thing you know you are akumatized because you were jelly!" I said as I jokingly punched his arm, we walked to lunch together at the end of the class.

-time-skip after school-

I was at my locker and I started packing all my stuff in my bag so I could go home,

"Hey, (y/n)!" Justin said as he walking to my locker,

"Oh, hey Justin!" I said,

"I...uh...wanted to know if you want to go eat something after school?" He said, I'm pretty sure it was a friendly date, not a romantic related one, so I responded

"Uh, sure! I'm not busy!" I said, but before Justin could answer Adrien slammed my locker door and started hissing,

"Stay away from my lifee~" he said, then Justin ran and shouted

"SEE YOU AT THE PARK!!! 8 O'CLOCK!" I nodded and looked at Adrien,

"Adrien its just a friendly date, you know that you are my one and only boyfriend, and I love you kitten!" I said Adrien hugged me and we walked home together.

-time skip to 8-

I was drawing in the park with Adrien, Justin was running late and Adrien didn't want me to be all alone. Then Justin arrived and put an arm around me, he said

"Oh, hey (y/n)! What CHU doing there?" I responded

"Oh just fixing the shade and adding a little more tone..." He had no idea what I was talking about.

//Justin's pov//
-I had my arm wrapped around (y/n), the moment I saw her I wanted to make her mine, but it was rather difficult thanks to That blonde boy...what was his name? Adrian? Andrew? What ever, I just noticed that he was here, and he was hissing, like a cat... I took my hand off her arm and he stopped, put my hand back he hissed once more, so on...I took my arm off and we chatted for a while (when I say we I mean (y/n) and I) I had to ask her if she was single, I know this might be a little too fast but I'll never know if I never ask.

" (y/n)?" I asked

"Yeah?" She said, now it's my chance

"Are you single?" I asked, she was shocked for a moment, then she started laughing and I heard Adrien hiss more,

"No! I'm dating Adrien!! He is my little kitten" she said, I was disappointed, but what can I expect she was really pretty I guess I'm not worthy enough for her likes...apart I was too late...

"We can still be friends though" she said, I nodded and left.

//your pov//
-Finally he left, I could feel Adriens glare from a far, but I learned to ignore it and let my little kitty calm down first before trying to cool him down in my own.

I soon started to drift off to a dream that I didn't expect to have this soon...

~dream land~

"Care for a stroll? M'Lady?" Adrien, my beloved asked. I laughed and nodded, we both transformed and jumped from roof to roof, shortly arriving at the Eiffel Tower, we climbed to the top, then he said

"I love you~" I kissed him and the I pulled away

"I love you to, my prrrrince~" I said, He laughed, I really wanted to marry him, sadly we still haven't finished college, we still need one more year...(just go with it) I truly do love him with all my heart and believe he's the one for me. He then did something so unexpected, yet so amazing,

"(Y/n)?" He asked,

"Yeah?" I questioned back at his remark, He took a deep breath and got down in one knee, I bet I looked like I was about to cry, I mean I definitely felt Like I was about to cry.. He took out a maroon box and opened it.

"I want you to be my prrrrincess" he said, I looked the extraordinary ring, it was a beautiful silver cat with sapphire eyes

Tears streamed down my face as I realized my dream became a reality,

"Yes!!" I hugged him with all my Night, but I was soon to be discounted by reality, for this was only within the midst of my dreams.

Then again,

'A wish is a dream your heart makes, when your fast asleep'

Welp, I edited this chapter since a lot of you guys mistook this as the real proposal, so now it's a dream here too! Also the next chapter continues into this one.

PEACE OUT ✌🏽✌🏽✌🏽

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