WEBYS - Chapter Ten

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[As promised here is the next chapter]::

Warning super shitty ending as always, but it's an ending non the less <3

I super love you guys!

::With Every Breath You Stole::

::Chapter Ten::

Autumn was glad she had Lucy, especially in times like these. Lucy didn't say much, they were both curled up on the sofa of their living room, warm drinks cradled in their hands. But she always made her words count when she did talk.

"You never speak to me about him, you know."

Autumn jerked when Lucy broke the silence between them. "What?" She asked.

"Wesley." Lucy frowned just at saying the name.

Autumn's eyebrows furrowed together. "I told you everything."

Lucy raised an eyebrow. "No you didn't."

"What are you talking about? You're the only one I ever told about what happened that night."

There wasn't anything that Autumn had hidden from her.

Lucy snorted. "Yeah, you told me all the facts, but you never came to me cursing out his name, and crying over how he broke your heart. You just chose never to talk about him. And then one night about five weeks after the accident, you said 'I hate him', and that was it."

Autumn opened her mouth to argue, but there was nothing she could really say. Lucy wasn't wrong. She'd avoided the subject of Wesley like it was the plague whilst she waited.

And waited.

"You never liked Wesley." She said eventually.

Even when they'd ben dating, Lucy had held her reservations.

"Yeah but you had loved him." Lucy said rolling her eyes. "I wasn't expecting a flip of the switch in your emotions, I was expecting to help you through the fall out. But you never came to me."

Autumn stared at Lucy. "I didn't realise you wanted me to."

"We're best friends, of course I wanted you to." She said shaking her head.

Autumn felt her jaw wobble slightly, her chest and throat tightening.

"And...I still am your best friend. You know, in case you have anything that you maybe want to talk about." Lucy continued gently nudging Autumn with a soft look.

Autumn tried swallowing the lump in her throat to no avail, so when her words came out they were choked.

"W-why can't I-I hate hi-him?"

Lucy's eyes softened. "Oh, Autumn..."

"N-no." That was wrong. She did hate him. It was just so fucking hard to remember sometimes.

Especially when she didn't want to remember anymore.

She didn't want to remember being hurt that badly.

She didn't want to remember the moment when she realised it could hurt so much just to breathe.

Because of him.

Sobs wracked her whole body.

It fucking hurt.

She hated him. She really did.

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