Chapter 29

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Chapter 29

"Central Intelligence Agency, how may I-"

"My name is Agent Rhinehart, identification number 649732801. Connect me to Barnaby Cross immediately."

My foot tapped anxiously as I pressed the black plastic pay phone to my ear. The receptionist on the other end of the line fell silent. Oh, come on!

"Yes, I am a real operative. This isn't a prank phone call. Now, please, I need to speak to Mr. Cross."

Again, she didn't utter a word. I swore inwardly, kicking the ground impatiently like a child. Come on! Sorry I don't have my cell to call him directly. It's at the sorority. Damn skeptical receptionists.

"Mr. Cross is in a meeting at Capitol Hill right now, Agent Rhinehart. I can take a message of that-"

I hung up on her. Placing the phone into it's place, I swore under my breath. God dammit! Who do I call now?! Garret? Maybe... President McGallen?  Hell, no! I scrolled through my mental library of contacts, my fingers hovering over the buttons of the pay phone. The only person I could call would be...well, Joshua. I made up my mind, typing the number and pressing the phone to my ear. It rang three times before someone answered.


I sighed.

"Micah, I can't believe I'm saying this, but I need you."

I could practically hear the smile in my ex-boyfriend's voice as he responded.

"Meet me by the Prudential. Alone."

Then the line went dead.

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