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"What does she think of herself?" I thought about Artemis.

Just after Percy left things started getting out of hand. But he returned and this time , there is nothing to hold in hand.

She thinks she can handle him and with Chaos as the angel sitting on the shoulder, he will be the last person you want to deal with but no these Olympians think they can kill anyone who stands in their way.

Stupid immortals.

Suddenly I heard some sound coming from the deck.
Surely again gods would have done something stupid again.

But sound got more intense.

Oh shit! They told about attack.

I ran up to the deck just to meet my old crush father and brothers, if you ignore their army.

But man their army is huge.

Sorry fellas I don't like your girl anymore you can go in peace.

But they did not stop.
They were surely giving a hard time to my friends.

Alright mighty Leo, savoir of Olympus suit up!

I took out my sphere I turned some bolts , here is my suit. It not like Iron Man suit but yeah it does protect me a bit and also gives me access to many new different powers.

The world will meet the real Leonard Valdez.

I pumped up my air gauge and went up in air near  one of their soldier.

What are they made of?

I guess ice.

Perfect. Best way of testing this.

It threw some ice balls at me.

What are we doing ? Playing in kindergarten?

I dodged them in air.

He threw many at once.

Now let me try.

I took out hand in front of me and palms heading towards the incoming balls.

A pipe like structure came out of my hand and I blasted fire from that but it was more intense and big.

All the balls melted into water.

I created a beam of fire which evaporated the water and made it into thick mist.

Badass am I!?

Now you can't see me baby.

Joker mode on!

I started throwing fireballs non stop at our enemy side.

Slowly mist went away.

Jason came flying to me.

" Leo?" He asked.

" How can I help you Superman? " I asked.

" What the hell are you wearing? " He asked.

I made a tiny little thin needles of fire and threw them past Jason.

Before he could move fire-needles passed by him and hit two ice soldiers.

" Meet all new Leonardo fire suit." I said.

I saw ice soldiers surrounded Calypso as she was only able to hit one soldier at once she was in trouble.

My lady is in trouble.

Let's test something new.

" Now see this Jason." I said as Jason was blasting other ice soldiers.

I pressed the button on my arms and a small disc came out .

I launched it after setting fire on it.

It acts just like a boomerang.

Perfect hit.

All the soldiers were down in one shot.

Calypso looked at me.

I gave her a flying kiss.

Before I could notice a ice blade came flying at me.

At the last moment Jason brought his hand in between me and blade.

He imbalanced and started falling.

I dived down and held him.

" Idiot don't be overconfident " He scolded.

I took her immediately to Calypso.

" Heal him fast." I said.

Calypso nodded and took him inside the medic room.

That's it.

Now you see the true power of a fire user.

I looked back at the person who did this.

Zethes, son of Boreas.

You are dead ice boy.

I flew towards him while making a huge fire ball .

He started throwing ice balls at me.

I dodged them all at once and hit him at the last moment.

" Raasseenngaan" I shouted as I  hit him .

Yep Rasengan, I saw it in my favorite anime, Naruto.

I got the idea of this from him.

I should have named it Fire-Rasengan.

Shut up ADHD!

I looked at the dead Zethes.

You went down with one of my best shots.

Respect for you.

Shut up ADHD!

Then I got the feeling like someone was watching me.

I turned and saw Hazel. Even she watches Naruto with me.

" Seriously ? Rasenagan? " She asked with amusement and sasarcasm.

I smiled.

" Leo watch out" Hazel shouted suddenly.

The moment I turned I saw thousands of ice blades coming at me.

Oh no!

Is this the end?

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