Part One

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I always wondered if these corny love novels I read can ever come true, call me cynical, but I don't think so. They're always so idealistic and romanticized, seriously, it's all too unlikely to be real.

Then again, life has its way of surprising us.

"Isaac! Isaac!" somebody was yelling, I guess I was spacing out, I stayed on the park bench where I was comfortably seated and looked around.

I saw a girl all bundled up in her dull gray coat and a red scarf wrapped around her neck running towards me, she had her hip-length, golden blonde hair tied into a ponytail. "Hey Isaac!" she screamed again.

"What is it Yvonne?" I said, I think I sounded mildly annoyed, and to be fair, I was.

"Well..." she said as she finally reached where I was sitting "... she's looking for you"

I looked at her for a bit, physically fit, quite tall, athletic and friendly, it's not hard to fall in love with her. "Fine" We've been friends for years too, good friends.

"Well I'll go on with my run now" she said as she ran past me, her hair just barely missing my barely conscious face.

"I hope she can wait a moment" I whisper as I stood, I then adjust the knit cap on my head and shoved both of my hands into my pockets. I started walking.

Back to those novels though, it's pretty weird yet somehow amazing that people can come up with stuff like these I've read dozens and dozens of them, some are heartfelt and well-written and some are hilariously bad attempts at romance.

I' am not one to talk though, I fell in love with a girl who can't ever say the words 'I love you' to me, and no matter how much I love her, she can never truly say 'I love you too'.

Sad if you think about it, best that you don't.

"Alice?" I called out, I didn't expect her to respond.

I walked up behind her and gave her a tap on the shoulder, she turned to face me and once again, my heart skipped a beat.

Her face was absolutely radiant, her sleek, shoulder length, jet black hair fell neatly and swung as she turned, her eyes were bright blue, almost luminescent even, she looked at me with a soft, gentle expression on her face.

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