thirty - eight

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Remy King | Rem

"My fucking hand hurt." I complained putting ice on it.

"It was already sprung from your last fight, you know you wasn't supposed to be fighting." Josh said and I rolled my eyes.

"Why you always gotta say something?"

"Who you talking to?"


"No you not."

"Yes I am."

"No you not."

"Yes I a-"

"Shut the hell up damn." Mulan said walking up.

"You good sis?" Josh asked.

"No he messed up my pretty face." She pouted.

"Get uncle Yayo to fuck him up." I suggested.

"Why I ain't think of that?" She asked pulling out her phone.

"But she fucked his face up worst." Josh said looking confused.

"I did? What I do?" She asked laughing.

"His eyebrow split open, his nose sprung, his finger broke and when Remy snuck him she bruised the side of his face."

"Aw I feel bad, I gotta apologize." I frowned.

"Fuck him." She rolled her eyes.

"Wassup y'all?" Ra said, I said hey and Josh nodded at him.

"Wassgood?" Mulan asked as he put his arm over her shoulder and made a confused expression.

"What the fuck happened to your face?" He asked examining it.

"I fought Jaylen, duh."

"The fuck? Howww? We was only gone for like twenty minutes?"

"Who we?" I asked.

"I went with Avery to pick up his girl. Damn, he John Cena'd your ass." Ra said poking her eye laughing.

"Shut up." She said smiling.

"I could talk to her for a minute?" Ra asked.

"I hope you don't think I'm getting up." I looked at him.

"Come on, Rem." Josh said laughing holding out his hand.

"Um no, I was over here first and she gon tell me anyway. Plus, if I walk away somebody gon try to talk to me and I don't feel like talking to this family."

"I mean she's right, I'll tell her anything." Mu shrugged.

"Well imma go get some banana pudding." Josh said.

"Bring me back some apple pie!" I yelled watching him walk off. I opened the twitter app waiting for them to start talking because I wanted to be nosy.

"What you tryna do?" Ra started.

"What you mean?" Mulan asked.

"I mean like what you tryna do? I'm not bout to be competing over you. Ol' boy already called me out and out of respect I told him I wasn't going to do this shit where he lay his head but we fighting over you so who you want?"

"I don't know."

"So what you wanna do? Continue doing us? Going back to friends? Or you tryna be something more? Let me know, I ain't gon sweat whatever you say."

"How about by the end of the day, I give you a answer but for right now we continue doing us." She grabbed his face and kissed him.

"Ra member when you ate my pussy?" I laughed. "Now Mulan tasting my shit, I taste good right?"

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