My step-brother

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I'd not long arrived at my parents for my weekend stay and found the house empty. Where was everybody? Bored with nothing to do, I chucked myself on the armchair and pulled out my book.
This book was was really fascinating, I was about to the third chapter when I heard the front door open.
My stepbrother came storming into the room. Kobi was so hot. Like oh my god I could kiss Yes, he's my stepbrother. Yes, it's very bad of me to think that way but still.
"What you doing here?" He looked shocked to see me. He stood in the middle of the room looking at me, wearing only jeans low on his waist. Sweat glistened on his muscled torso and my mouth watered.
"I'm staying this weekend." I murmured.
"Well your dad and my mom ain't here princess, so it looks like it's just you and me." A devilish smirk on his face. He looked me up and down before turning around and mumbling, "Going for a shower."
Before he was even out of the door, I'd gotten out of my seat and shot past him. Ran down the hall and to the right into the bathroom. I managed to slam the door shut seconds before he pounded his fist against the wood.
"You better get out that bathroom Kayla! I'm gonna play nice and give you ten minutes!"
I stripped myself of my clothes and jumped into the cubicle allowing the cool water to spray over my naked body.
After quickly washing myself I let my fingertips trail down my neck and over my breasts.
I heard Kobi banging against the door and threatening to kick the door down. I ignored him, blocking the sound out, closing my eyes.
I heard a sound opening my eyes I looked up into the eyes of my stepbrother.
There Kobi stood. In the bathroom. Watching me. I pulled my gaze away from his lust filled eyes and trailed my gaze down until I reached his pants restraining his huge throbbing dick. Before I knew it I was pressed against the cold tiles, and Kobi's lips were crashing down against mine. His tongue wrestling mine for domination. He roughly grabbed my thighs and wrapped them around him before sliding me up the slippery tiles and latching his mouth onto my nipple.
Sucking and swirling his tongue around my erect nipple, I moaned loud and pulled on his hair trying to get him closer. His response was to shove two fingers inside my virgin hole. I winced at first.
He finger fucked me hard. He soon had me whimpering by curling his fingers inside of me. Catching my g spot each time. Getting close now he decided to change tactics. He turned me around and slammed my front against the tiles, pulling my arms up he held my hands against the tiled wall above my head. Then drove 3 fingers deep inside of me.
My cheek pressed against the water covered tiles, his fingers fucking me hard and rough, he bought his lips to my ear and huskily whispered to me.
"You've been a bad, bad girl. I'm sick of looking at that tight, sexy body of yours and not being able to touch you. You've tortured me for years. Now your big brother is going to punish you!" He paused for a minute to take his clothes off, then he was right back on me his fingers back in me. With that he bit down on earlobe and by body erupted. A scream working it's way out of my mouth.
As my orgasm was still working me, he pulled my arse back a little and pulled my arms down so thar they were level with my head. Now only my forearms, tits and cheek pressed against the tiles he slammed his huge cock into my tight, virgin pussy. Making me scream in pain and Spread my legs further, he pounds into me with no mercy, fucking me so hard I scream out again and again with the pain and pleasure.
He fucks me like this for what seems like hours. I don't know how many times my cunt tightened around his cock as I came. My legs dropped me a while ago the only thing holding me up was his hands on my waist. Now I'm just like his personal toy. The shower switched itself off a while ago.
He thrusts suddenly get so much stronger. The force of them pushing me further to the shower wall until he yanks me back onto him. When he comes he growls, pulling his dick out of my to squirt his hot juices on the small of my back.
He cleans me, and picks up my limp body.
"Did you enjoy your punishment princess?"
I whimper as my eyes drift shut and I find sleep.

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