Rules, Regulations & Payment

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Updated (09/07/2017)


1. If you request for a cover, you need to have patience. Remember that I go to school, I have other requests and I'm not free every single minute everyday. So, when you request me to make a graphic, have some patience. Don't keep PM-ing me or commenting, reminding me to make a cover. When I say I will make a cover for your book, I will do it. It may take a day, a week or even a month, but I will make it. Don't worry!

2. No anime, R-Rated or LGBT+ requests please. I don't have anything against these categories, just that I'm not experienced in making such graphics and so, the graphic will come out terribly. I just don't want to give you a terrible graphic and so, even if you request, I will deny them. I'm so sorry about that. I'm also very picky when it comes to FanFic requests.

3. Have in mind that I have the right to deny or accept a cover request. Do not force me to make a graphic for your book. I will decide which book I will make a graphic for and which I won't. I usually don't deny, but if I do, please don't take out your frustration on me here or anywhere else. I will have some reason to deny your request (which I will mention), so, please respect my decision.

4. Your book must be posted. I will not make any exceptions if your book isn't posted. Only if your book is posted and has at least one chapter (excluding A/N & Copyright Statement) will I accept your request. I will be checking up on this before I accept the request. This just gives me the re-assurance that I'm making a graphic for a book that does exist. I have had a lot of people telling me they'll post the book and I make  graphic for them but even months later, the book isn't posted. However, if you can prove to me that the book will be posted through screenshots or pictures, I may accept your request.

5. If the cover isn't used/picked up within a week from the day I post/give it to you, it will immediately be turned in to a pre-made and I will give it to anyone who wants it.

6. To show me you've read this far, include the word pumpkin somewhere in your form.

7. You should use my cover as the main cover for at least one week only if you've told me you'll be using the cover.

8. I only do one redo [two if I'm free or if I've made a mistake, don't expect two redos all the time] and all the graphics are made for Wattpad only.

9. Keep in mind the time difference. So if you PM me or comment a question or anything, I may not be able to get back to you soon. But I will. So, please, have some patience.

10. You can request numerous times at different intervals. But keep in mind that I may not accept all of them. You will also need to complete the payment every single time.

11. Let me know if you're gonna use the cover or not. And also, let me know if you want any changes to be made.

12. Do not request here if you've requested somewhere else, that is, no book/thread hopping. Us, designers, take a lot o time and patience to make the graphic and it's just rude if you request at two or more places at once while we're still making your graphic. If your graphic takes more than a week to make by me, you may request some where else.

13. I don't do non-English graphics.

14. Don't be too vague or too accurate with your descriptions. Don't say, " A boy of age 9 with puppy-dog green eyes looking up at a girl of about 25 years with dark hair and blue eyes." At the same time, don't say, "A boy looking up at a girl." I will immediately deny such requests.

15. Payment is to be completed after I accept your request and before delivery of your graphic. If you have chosen mention or shout-out as payment and you can do the shout-out part of payment after you use the graphic but you must do it or I will be forced to take further actions.  

Overlooking of even one of these rules and your form will be immediately denied.


You can choose from the following if your cover's not a pre-made one and if you haven't requested anything to do with gifs :

Credit + a permanent follow [+ a 3+ lined comment on the prologue of my book, "Predictions of the Shadows" - if specified]


Credit + a permanent follow [+ a 3+ lined comment on my one shot, "Our Story"- if specified]



Payment must be made before I've completed your request(s). Please wait till I've accepted your request to begin payment. You cannot undo your payment. If you do, there will be dire consequences. 

If you've requested again and I've accepted your request, the payment will have to be made again. If you've chosen a follow and a mention, choose something else. Do some other payment from the list I've put up. You have a choice between five. 

FORMS in next chapter!

To verify you've read all the rules and regulations, payments, form and genres I don't feel comfortable with, at the end of your form, include the word lovely.

I'm very friendly but if you don't follow the rules, I will be forced to be rude. Sorry, not sorry.

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