Chapter 5: Do You Believe?

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"What happened with the rogue?", I asked Jeremy.

"They were after the babies. Alexa's dad recognized him, he used to be part of our pack as most of the rest of them, we were too young to remember them. They were kicked out, apparently for good reasons and when they heard about the babies..."

"They thought to take revenge? Didn't they know the had no chances?"

"Well, they got pretty close... But she's ok, the babies are ok, it's over."

"Yeah...", I sighed, "I probably have to tell you something since everything's fine..."

"That sounds bad..."

"Yeah, it's worse than that. So, remember how you all found your mates and I didn't..."

"Sure...", he said warily.

"Well, I kind of found her..."

"What?! When did that happen?", he said shocked.


"Yesterday? Where did you find her? You didn't leave the pack."

"I did, with Alex..."

"Yeah, but you went to the city, you didn't...", he trailed off. He's catching up.

"So she's human", I said casually.

He stopped walking and looked at me.

"She can't be human", he said still shocked.

"Yeah, people say she's not, but she's not a werewolf. Also she's here."

"Here? Here where?"

"Home, with Savannah..."

"Wha-- How did you-- Why is she here?"

I told him everything that happened yesterday and I started noticing how little time had passed. Also, the fact that I should talk with Chloe, about so many things...

Jeremy was staring at me, he obviously had no idea what to say, can't say it doesn't make sense.

"You have to talk to James", he finally said.

"Yeah... How am I going to tell her any of this? We're werewolves!"

"Judging from what you told me, she might not be human either."

"She made it clear that she doesn't believe in us though."

"You learn new things everyday... I didn't even know your mate could not be a werewolf, how is that possible?"

"I don't know... I think I should probably go to Silver Blood for a visit..."

"You're not going alone."

"Well, I first have to talk to James, then to Chloe, make sure she doesn't freak out and then we can plan a road trip", I said. How am I going to do all of that?


"Hey bro, what's up?", I said as I sat opposite of James.

He looked at me suspiciously. "What did you do?", he asked.

"I found my mate, she's not a werewolf, I don't even know if she's human, I brought her here because another werewolf from Silver Blood was after her, but not really after her I think he wanted to help her and he told me to bring her with me and to pay them a visit", I said as fast as I could before I could regret it.

He stared at me. "When did that happen?", he said slowly but surprised.


"Yesterday? All of these happened yesterday? And she's not a werewolf? How can she not be a werewolf? Also, she's here?! You brought a non werewolf here?!"

"You know everyone keeps asking me that, how am I supposed to know?!", I sighed. "That guy from Silver Blood said she's in danger. If werewolves are after her..."

"She's probably not human... Does she know what is going on?"

"No and I probably have to tell her about werewolves... mates... She'll freak out..."

"You're afraid she'll leave?"

"Why would she stay?"

"Because you're her mate?", he said in an obvious tone.

"She doesn't even know what that means!"

"Ok, look, I feel that as an Alpha I should say that you can't tell her the truth, you don't know how it'll turn out, people aren't supposed to know about us, don't do it... But as your brother, I say you ignore your Alpha and talk to your mate. Then we'll see what we'll do with Silver Blood."

Great... How do I even start a conversation like that?


I went back home and found Savannah and Chloe in the kitchen, talking.

"Hey, you're back!", Savannah said making Chloe turn around and look at me.

"Hey", she said shyly.

"Hi... Can I talk to you?", I said.

Are you going to tell her the truth?, Savannah asked me through the mind link.

I'm gonna try.

"I'll go upstairs...", she said as she got up.

Good luck, she said as she was climbing up the stairs.

"Is everything ok?", Chloe asked as I sat besides her.

"Far from that... Do you have any idea who that guy was yesterday?"

"No... He just showed up after...", she trailed off.

"After what? You want to say something, but you always stop. What happened to you?"

"Why do you even care? You don't know me and you don't have to pretend to care!"

"I'm not pretending, I do care!"

"Why? You just met me!", she shouted.

I sighed. "I guess it's my turn to ask."

"Ask what?", she said confused.

I looked at her. "Chloe, do you believe in the supernatural?"


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