Chapter 42

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(Gemini POV)

"Rachel Is It?" I Asked The Woman Standing Infront Of Me.

"Yes Sir It Is" She Said.

"These Numbers Right?" I Asked Her As I Looked Over The Papers Of Sales And Growth She Gave Me.

I Dont Usually Come Into My Office. I Trust The People Who Work For Me To Take Care Of It. Im An Invisible Boss... When I Am Seen It Isnt Usually Good They Know That. Or Sometimes It Is Good.

And Today Is One Of Those Days A Good Day But A Boring One For Me... Thats Why Im Here I Just Had Nothing To Do On This Monday Morning.. Kids Are In Kiddie School...

Two Weeks Now Two More And It'll Be A Month... And Honestly I Must Say Being Around Them Everyday Makes Me Miss Them When They Are Away.

"All Correct Sir" She Said.

I Can Tell She Probably Was New Cause Around Here... At My Place Of Business We're All On A First Name Basis Relationship.

"Let Me Guest Newbie?" I Asked Her.

"Yes Sir..." She Said.

"Well Rachel... Around Here Though I Love The Way Sir Sounds... We All Go By A First Name Basis" I Told Her.

"Nobody..." She Started To Say But I Interrupted Her.

"Nobody Told You... I Know" I Said As I Looked At Everybody.

They All Do This To Every Newbie. Have Them Walk Around Her Calling Them Mr., Mrs. Or Ms. Plus Their Last Name.

"Kayla" I Said As She Tried To Quietly Walk Pass Us.

"Hey Boss I Told Them..." She Said As She Left.

"Gemini" I Heard Camilla Say As She Poked Her Head From Her Office.

"Wassup" I Asked Her.

"Front Desk... You Got A Visitor" She Said.

"Alright" I Told Her. "Say I'll Be Down In A Minute" I Told Her Before She Left. Then I Turned To Rachel... "Keep Up The Good Work" I Told Her.

"Thank You... Gemini" She Was Hesitant But She Said It.

"Alright... Yall All Get Acquainted" I Said Before Leaving.

"Bye Gemini" Most Of Them Said.

"Asta La Vista" I Said As I Was Leaving.

As I Made My Way Downstairs To The Lobby I Was Greeted By Other Employees...

Finally Downstairs I Was Meet With Chloe...

"Why Didnt You Come Up?" I Asked As I Gave Her Hug

"I Didnt Feel Like It... Too Much Stairs" She Said.

"Elevator" I Said.

"Thats Too Much" She Said.

I Lift An Eyebrow And Looked Back At My Beautiful Stairs And Elevators...

"Too Much?" I Asked. "Now Im Concern... Whats Up?" I Asked.

"Nothing..." She Said. "I Just Didnt See The Point Of Going Up And Coming Back Down" She Said.

"Oh Ok" I Said. "What You Doing Now... You Not In Your Uniform?" I Asked Her.

"Im Being Transfered" She Said.

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