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Night to Remember.

It's the theme for this year's prom. I already know I'm not going.

Sure I and Colin got a thing going on but I highly doubt he'll be interested in taking me to some lame dance.

I walk into the school and go to my locker. Taped on it is one of the posters for the event. The greatest time of your high school life.

The guy comes and asks you in the most romantic way and you say yes.

Then you throw pounds of makeup on your face and get a big fluffy dress and five-inch heels. Finally, you get there and you're all sweaty and nasty looking and your feet hurt.

Definitely, a night to remember.

I think I'll be fine if I don't show up because it's not like I have friends and I honestly don't have time to cover all these bruises.

My dad's trial is happening in a month and I have to stay at my cousin's place until I'm 18.

Luckily that is in a couple months.

Not that I don't like staying with Lizzie, it's just that she talks about everything that I'm not really interested in and she doesn't realize that I don't care about what she talks about.

So she'll keep talking about it for the whole day.

Strong arms wrap around me and I immediately know who it is.

He kisses my neck and steps to the side of me so he can see me better.


Colin says as if he didn't just make my heart go crazy.

I'm really starting to rethink this take things slow stage.

"Hey. How was practice?"

He sighs and leans his back on the locker next to me.

"Same as always, Coach being an annoying bitch. How's your cousin?"

I close my locker and throw my backpack on my shoulder.

"Still talking way too much. I'll get used to it."

He nods and takes my bag from me.

We began walking down the hall, "I hear a dance is coming up. What you think about it?"

He asks me and I shrug.

"It's kind of lame and I can't really dance anyway so I'll just stay at Lizzie's."

He shakes his head as we enter the classroom, sort of looking disappointed.

"I have seen you dance babe. Up close and you were great but we don't have to go if you don't want to."

I'm not really paying attention to what he has said as the real thing that catches me is one word that he said.


What does that even mean?

Sooner than later I was sitting in the lunchroom with Colin's friends who I was trying to be friendly with.

Underline the word trying.

Liam winks at me as he sits down and I give him a small smile and then try to refocus on what Diana is saying.

She seems pretty nice and she hates Jessica so that's good.

"I can't wait for prom! It's going to be so much fun! Omg, you are going, right? You would look really pretty in a dress. I can see it already."

I smile at her and put more of the dry cardboard with fake cheese that they call pizza in my mouth.

"I'm not sure, dances aren't really my thing."

She looks at me like I just told her that I'm an alien and throws her pizza down on its tray.

"What! It's beautiful and romantic and it's nice to get away from homework and let loose for the night. Plus, wouldn't you want to see Colin in a tux. I bet he'll look ten times hotter."

I look at Colin, who is laughing about something his friend Ben said before turning back to her.

"I don't know Diana but if anything changes, I'll let you know okay."

She beams with happiness and picks up her pizza, finishing where she left off.

Now that she has given me her little talk all I think about is what it would be like to go to prom.

She is right.

It's kind of like a getaway when you can be a regular teenager and just be you.

I already told Collin that I wasn't planning on going so there's no point of going back to him and telling him that I changed my mind.

He'll probably be annoyed if I did do that and think that I can't make up my mind. Which he probably already thinks with everything that has to happen between us.

First I hate him then we kiss, then I don't want to be more than friends and now I do.

I am honestly surprised that he can still keep up with me all in all. Colin comes next to me in the hallway going home and I smile at him.

"I love your smile."

He pecks my lips and from only that my insides feel like they're about to explode.


I muttered and I feel my cheeks turn into the reddest cherries.

He grabs my chin so that I'm looking into his eyes that always capture me in him.

"You don't have to be shy around me Hope. You don't ever have to."

His body tall against mine and he's looming over me, making me feel like I'm some sort of insect. He kisses my forehead and I nod in understanding of what he said.

You don't ever have to.

This is when I should tap him and tell him that I want to go to prom.

Like I really want to but instead, I let him smile at me and take my hand in his.

Intertwining our fingers and swinging them lightly back and forth.

I turn and look at all the posters taped to the walls and then back on our hands.

There was only a couple or something weeks till prom.

Till hundreds of students pile in for the night to remember. In the amount of time, I had to gather the courage to talk to Colin.

Well, this should be easy.

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