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It has been a whole week since Colin and I had that argument.

He turns around in the hallway every time he sees me. Hangs out with his old friends and trade seats with people in classes that we sat together in.

He is even talking to Jessica, and of course, she is having the time of her life about it.

Literally, every second she gets, she has some stupid ass slick comment to say to me and while I'm running out of good comebacks, what I really want to do is just slap her upside her head.

What the hell... speak of the devil's spawn and she'll appear.

She sits next to Colin in the lunch room and he glances at her for a moment before going back to talk to his friends.

Ha! That's what she gets!

Obviously, I speak way too soon when she grabs his collar and kiss him.

The sad part is he kisses back and I turn away in my seat.

I sip my juice like I didn't care about what just happened.

Let's be honest, though...I really cared.

I hear a bang on the cafeteria door shutting and Jessica is standing up in shock and the whole room goes quiet looking at her.

I look beside her where Colin was sitting and see that that's what everyone so interested about. He leaves her there by herself.

She grabs her bag and heads the opposite way that Colin went and everyone resumes back as if nothing just went down a minute or less ago.

I shrug and finish the rest of my meal before getting up and throwing out in the bin.

I slip out the door like the other two did and was walking down the hallway when a hand pulled me back.

I turned and was face with a boy in my grade.

I think he's one if Colin's friends, I don't really know.

I have seen him around before, though.

Maybe he's name is Jake or Ryan, I don't know, something a popular boy would have.

He clears his throat and takes his hand off my arm. He smiles and I look around.

Maybe he's lost.

"I'm sorry, I can be really weird."

I nod and he continues.

"I'm Liam, I'm in your chemistry class and gym. Also, I'm Colin's friend."

I knew it was some type of popular name.

He holds out his hand and I look at it for a moment before shaking it.

"I'm Hope. Colin's...I'm not really sure anymore..."

He nods and we let go of each other's hands.

"I know about what happened between the two of you. I think you should go and talk to him. I see both of you with each other and while you pretend to be annoyed by him, I can tell you like him and it's plain as day that he feels the same. You shouldn't let something so stupid mess up what the two of you could have later in life."

I nod at him and his smile widens.

"Thanks, Liam, I'll go do that."

He waves at me and I walk away but stop when I hear his voice again.

"Just to let you know, I'm going to be the best man at your wedding and I tell them how I totally fix you two up."

I shake my head at his silliness and walk out the door.

Just as I thought, Colin isn't here and neither is his car.

I hop into my car and drive to the only place I know he could possibly be right now. The road is empty and I drive through the red lights.

His little hiding place.

It's a long drive but it's worth it when I pull up behind his car.

I turn off the car and open the door and walk through the amazing flowers.

Just as pretty as the last time I was here.

I spot Colin sitting on the ground with his knees up, looking at the flowers.

I smile at how adorable he looks before coming up and sitting down next to him.

"Are you here to tell more of how you don't like me and you want to stay friends? I could hear that all day."

I know he's just being sarcastic and I sigh.

"No, I wanted to see if you were okay and a little birdie told me I should fix our problem."

He turns and looks at me and my breath catches for a second at how sad and depressed he looks.

Ever since he was eight, I have always seen him as this happy, cheery person.

"What birdie?"

He says quietly even though we are the only ones out here.

"Oh, you know. Your friend Liam. He seems nice."

He nodded and went back to looking at the flower like he wanted it to talk to him or something.

"I know this is probably the last thing that you want to hear but I'm really sorry Colin. I need you back. I miss the happy and goofy Colin. Tell me how to get him back."

He keeps looking at the flower and I try to think of something else that would make him possibly feel better.

I lose my spot in my world of thoughts when I'm lightly pushed and fall to the ground.

He comes above me and is so close that I could see the little specks around his eyes.

My heart starts racing like it has started to do now when I'm with him but grows the closer we are.

His breath smells minty like he never had lunch and his eyes look sort of lost.

Like their trying to find or hold on to something.

"If you to tell me something Hope Carter, tell me why you haven't pushed me off of you. Or why you haven't questioned how close we are right now. Tell me why I like you so much and how words mean more than actions right now. That's what you could tell me."

I grab his face and kiss the life out of him.

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