Chapter 27

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Rachel's POV

I opened my eyes as I heard crying in the background. 

"Niall?" I didn't hear a reply. 

"Niall." I whispered again. I elbowed him in the stomach and he groaned. 

"What?" He mumbled. 

"Elizabeth is crying." I told him. 

"And?" He asked with his eyes closed.

"And its your turn to take care of her." He groaned. 

"Can't you do it?" He asked me. 

"I did. The last two times, it's your turn." He groaned again but got up and dragged himself to the crib.

"Come here princess." He said. I opened my eyes and watched them together. 

"Now why are you up so early? Usually this is the time when we sleep." He told her. I smiled to myself then fell asleep with that picture in my mind.

~The Next Morning~

"Morning." Louis said coming down the stairs. 

"Make another sound and I will shoot you." Niall threatened him. 

"Wow cool it. I just said good morning." He defended himself.

"I will shoot you." He threatened him again. 

"I take it Elizabeth kept you two up." Zayn said. 

"She barely sleep last night." I told them then took a sip of my coffee. 

"Well looks like it's our time to take over." Zayn picked up Elizabeth from her play pen and took her into the kitchen to give her, her bottle. 

"I think I'm going to go sleep." I said getting up. 

"The stairs are the other way." Louis told me. 

"I know." I told him then went the other way towards the stairs. 

"Maybe it would be best if I go with her." I heard Niall tell the others. I heard footsteps following me. I walked into our room and collapsed on the bed. 

"You tired?" Niall asked me. 

"I barely got any sleep last night. She wouldn't sleep." I told him. 

"Sleep. Zayn and Perrie are taking care of her for the day so you can sleep" 

"But what about you?" 

"I'll sleep in a bit. You rest." I nodded then laid my head down and closed my eyes.

~The Next Day~

"Rachel? Wake up, its morning."

"What?" I asked. I opened one of my eyes and looked at the person who was shaking me. It was Zayn. 

"What? What's going on?" I asked.

"I need you to watch Elizabeth."

"What, why?" I asked him. 

"I have to go." 

"Why?" He sighed.

"I'm going to tell you the truth only because it affects you. Niall got shot. He was doing a pick up and someone shot him and I have to go find him." 

"Okay go." I said getting out of bed and taking Elizabeth from him.

"We should be back in a few hours. The boys are going with me, and Perrie went to go get our doctor."

"And the girls?" I asked.

"They are upstairs resting but they have there own instructions." I nodded my head. 

"Don't worry I'll bring him back." 

"Alive?" I asked him. 

"We'll see." Zayn told me then walked out the door. I sighed then sat back down on the bed.

"Let's hope your daddy is okay." 

~5 hours Later~

"Make way, make way." I heard someone yell from downstairs. I placed Elizabeth on my hip and slowly walked towards the stairs. 

"Where is the doctor?" I heard Zayn call out.

"He's waiting downstairs in the hospital room." 

"Stairs, really?" I heard someone say. I slowly walked down the stairs preparing myself for what to expect.

"Rachel. What are you doing down here?" Perrie asked me. 

"I came to check up on him." 

"Oh I really don't think that's a good idea. He's in pretty bad shape. Maybe you should wait until he's all cleaned up." I thought about it for a moment. I handed Elizabeth to Perrie then followed the boys down the stairs leaving a shocked Perrie behind. I followed the sound of voices talking. 

"He's lost a lot of blood." 

"He's barely conscious." 

"Why don't you two shut up and take this bullet out of me." 

"Right."  Suddenly the voices stopped talking and I saw three pairs of eyes looking at me.

 "Rachel this isn't the best time." Zayn told me while walking towards me. He was wiping some thing off his hands.

"Is that his?" I asked. 

"He's not doing so good." 

"Can I help?" I offered.

"Fine, try to keep him conscious." I nodded my head and followed Zayn into the room. 

"What are you doing here?" Niall asked me.

"Making sure you're okay."

"Well I'm fine aren't I?" 

"Besides the huge bullet wound and the blood surrounding you, yeah you are perfectly fine." 

"What happened?" I asked him.

"Let's just say that I don't like when other people talk about my property." I know he was referring to me. 

"You ready?" The house doctor asked him.

"Just get the bloody thing out of me." He told him. 

"Okay. 1,2" Niall groaned. 

"You know usually people say 3 before they pull something out." 

"I like the surprise." 

"Remind me again why I keep you around." 

"Without me you would die." 

"Thanks that is so comforting while you are putting a needle inside my skin." 

"All done. Now change the bandage every 3 hours or when needed. Here is your pain killers take it as needed." 

"Thanks Rob."

"You staying here or going upstairs." 

"I would like to move to a more comfortable room." 

"Okay." Rob said then he and Zayn helped Niall up.

"We still need to talk." I reminded him. 

"Okay, then let's talk." 


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