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A/N yes it's a song one shot but I'm too lazy to actually look up the lyrics and put them on here....

Gerald's POV
I held the straps of my bag tightly as I walked through the hotel. I looked around then walked up to a desk. I checked in then the lady happily gave me a key to my room.

I put the key in the door opening it then walked in putting my bag on the bed. The room was pretty big and fancy, so was the bed, it was like a queen size.

Some of the rapping money paid off, thank goodness y/n helped me with my career, I might not be so famous without her.

There was an older phone sitting on a table, should I call her? Maybe check in, tell her I made it to my new home for now.

I walked over to the phone and sat down dialing her number. The phone rang for a while, maybe she's busy or something. I'll just call her later.

A few days later, she still wasn't answering. Either she's super busy or she's cheating on me. Probably both, cause she always answers the phone.

I had a few memories of us in my mind. Y/n was so beautiful, she sparkling eyes, her pretty smile, her pretty hair that I used to play with all the time. I miss her, I'll call her again.

I quickly dialed her number, nope, still no answer. That means she's cheating on me, great. Should I go back to her place and check to see if she's cheating or nah?

No, I'm too lazy to do that right now. Plus she'll think I'm a weirdo just coming up to her place and knocking randomly on the door and saying," Hey just making sure you weren't cheating on me."

That's just stupid and weird. Anyways, I dialed the number again.

Your POV
I heard my phone ringing once again. It's probably Gerald calling for the fifteenth time today." Are you going to answer that?" Mat asked me." Nah it's probably just my ex calling again." He nodded.

I started to play with Blackbear's hair. He smiled, I knew he'd like it when I played with his hair. Gerald's hair was much more soft, but Mat's hair is pretty soft too.

It's kind of boring just lying here. I'm with my boyfriend now though, so it's cool.

Gerald's POV
It's been a week, y/n still hasn't answered or called back. She's probably fucking with her new boyfriend now. I thought I was being a good boyfriend. I guess not though...

I sighed and rested my hand on my cheek leaning back against the chair. All of a sudden, the phone started to ring. It's probably y/n calling me back.

I reached my hand out to grab the phone then answer it, but I hesitated and pulled my hand back. If she doesn't answer the phone for a week and just gets a new boyfriend, then I guess we're drifting apart.

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