Curious Man

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Cat: Uhh, Prince.. Where are you leading me? 😧

Prince: Just to my place in town darling, everything is going to be alright!

*Cat looks confused*
Cat: 🤔What place in town? That could be any place what the hell? Don't play with me!

Prince: 😂😂I'm taking you to visit my house ms. fatty cakes 👀🍑

*cat lightly hits Prince on his arm*

Cat: 🙄aye, don't ..

Prince: That cake looks so good rn. You know I got to.. 😜

*prince smacks cat's ass*

Cat: Wtf😠😠 you perv!
Well since you're cute and all, I'm going to let it slide 😶

Prince: 😂Alright.
Soo.. We're here!

*prince covers his hands over cat's eyes*

Cat: I bet your place isn't even that.. 🤔

Prince: It isn't that pretty you say? 😏
*prince removes hands from cat's eyes*

Cat: Oh my God😱 Your place is so beautiful.. and purple! My favorite color 😛💜

Prince: Come on girl, *prince takes her inside of his house*

*both of them sits in luxurious purple chairs*

Cat: So.. hi ☺️ what chu wanna talk about?

*prince holds cat's hand*

Prince: Of course anything we want 😘 We can ask each other questions tho!

Cat: Um.. Aren't you a musician?!

Prince: Yep. 😌

Cat: Cuz I've heard about you all over town, just didn't pay full attention about it. like your career?

Prince: Of course! It's the best thing ever and the only thing I could ever do to survive in this world!

Cat:! Well I'm a dancer 😊

Prince: Where you work at?

Cat: Up at central north! It's really good!

Prince: Aw, that's very far away from where I live! 😶 But I heard that you guys wear gray leggings all the time 😏

Cat: 😶we sure do!

*prince licks his lips*

Cat: So, do you want my number or something?

Prince: mhm😜

*Both of them exchanges numbers*

Prince: Maybe we could hang out sometime.

Cat: Yeah.. maybe. Well I gotta go Prince.

Prince: Aww why? ☹️ I wanted you to stay longer..

Cat: Because I have to go take care of some personal business, I'm sorry! We could see each other some other time though!

*they both got up and hugged goodbye*

*Cat notices Prince's boner* 🍆

*Prince nervously pulled himself away from Cat instantly*

Cat: Thank you for this time 😳😅 Bye Prince.

Prince: Bye 😅

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