[ ii : in which her best friend finds out ]

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Yo my best friend, best friend till the very end. 'Cause best friends, best friends don't have to pretend. You need a hand, I'm right there, right besides y-

I groaned and rolled over, grabbing my phone and blinking at it. The screen lit up with a picture of me and my best friend Lavender. I groaned again and answered.

"Hey chicka!" Lav's voice rang, loud and bubbly. 

"Hey yourself," I muttered back in a tired voice.

"You're still in bed aren't you?" she asked with an exasperated sigh.

"Yeah," I grumbled and rolled back over onto my stomach.

"Rose!" she scolded. "You are going to get up now before I drag your sorry ass out of bed!"

As much as I would've loved to stay in bed to nurse my wounds, I knew Lav would actually do that. "Alright, alright," I grumbled. "I'm getting up! But.." I paused, and then my voice grew softer. "..Can you drive me to school today?"

"Dive you to school?" She echoed. I could imagine her eyebrows furrowing. "You always drive to school on your own. As in, you never accept a ride, if your life depended on it..." A long pause as we both remembered the time that had happened. Long story. "Rose?.. what's going on?.." 

I bit my lip and glanced at my arm, which was full of cuts and bruises of all kinds. "Get over here and I'll tell you," I said softly.

"I'll be there in fifteen," she said immediately and hung up.

I kid you not, exactly fifteen minutes later she was at my door. I had showered and changed into a full sleeve skin-tight black shirt with a blood red loose shirt that I had gotten at the mall the other day, on top. It fit just perfectly with one sleeve hanging off my shoulder. I was wearing my favorite pair of skinny jeans and winced as they rubbed against one of my sensitive cuts. She burst into my room just as I finished combing my hair.

"So what's up?" she smacked loudly on her gum as she flopped into my chair.

Lavender being Lavender, it had completely slipped her mind the reason she had come over so early. That, or she was used to it.

I rolled my eyes, giving her my usual answer. "The ceiling."

She groaned with a mutter of, 'should've seen that coming'. Then she brightened up, still chewing her gum obnoxiously. Ah, best friends. You gotta love 'em.

"Omg guess what I heard today,"

I raised an eyebrow and started ticking off on my fingers. Gossip. Lav's favorite subject. "Kayla broke her ankle cheerleading?" I asked. She shook her head. "Ryan dumped Myka and started dating Emily?" She shook her head again and attempted to speak, but I kept going. "Juliet came out as bein-"

"Okay okay, stop guessing, I'll just tell you!" she said quickly, successfully keeping me from continuing.

I grinned and sat down on my bed, wincing softly as my scars protested. "So," I prompted.

"Kay, so, I heard that a girl was being a bitch to Seth Parkers. The Seth Parkers. She told him off at the end of the day yesterday, and, like, actually, physically pushed him!" she sighed. "God, what a bitch,"

I grimaced and growled, "It's not my fault that pervert was trying to slap my ass!"

Lavender gaped. "You!?"

I huffed. Time to come clean. "Yes, me. That perv was trying to slap my ass."

She blinked at me slowly before grinning. "I should've guessed. You are, like, the only girl who hasn't fallen over him,"

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