Chapter one 1

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A/N:Hello everyone and welcome to the first part of Rogue Dragons. I amso so sorry that this took me so lone to get out. I had a really longand busy week. Then writes block then I had cool down time. Therewill be a lot of references to many games, the show Sword art online,and the abridged series of SAO Made by Somethingwittyentertainment.

AlsoWARNING: *Mature Language*

Disclaimer:I do not own Sword Art Online, SAO abridged, Or any games I mayreference. (skyrim, maybe assassins creed and Dragon age 2)

Ido own the plot.

Pov:no ones

Rosolia:Come on Silica, I need to increase my leather working. Just hand overthe dragon already.

Silica:I can't believe I have to explain why you can't SKIN MY FRIEND!!!

Rosolia:And I can't believe I have to explain why I need leather pants.

Maleplayer: Come on Silica... Leather pannnnttttssss...

Silica:You know what screw this. I'll going to form my own party it's justgoing to be me and pina and it's going to be awesome!


agiant ape lifts up a club and swings it down roaring at silica as wejumps back

Silica:THIS IS NOT AWESOME!!! It's ok silica, you have pina! Pina heal!

Pinablows on her and her health only goes up a little.

Silica:thaaaannnkkkkssss pina...


(y/n)drops down from a tree next to kirito.

(y/n):that player is out matched... Think we should help?


(y/n):I've been with you this entire time... we're in a party together.

Kirito:oh. Right. Sorry I'm not use to this whole... "team" thing. Andwhy help she has her dragon to save her...

burstcrystals sounds

Kirito:Fine we'll help her!

kiritoruns over and kills two of the apes wile (y/n) takes out his bow andshoots the third he then starts to walk over.


Ifroze in fear as the three apes were hovering over me and closed myeyes waiting for the enviable end but it never came. As my eyes openI saw a man in black boots, Dark gray pants, a blue/yellow shirt anda black over coat with blue on the shoulders

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