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Kelsey’s POV:

          A couple of hours after Harry left back for London, I found myself sitting on the plastic garden chairs in the backyard with Gemma, my hair free from its previous wet bun, letting my blond waves fall around my shoulders. Gemma was in her sweatpants and an old band tee, fortunately not making me look like a bum while sitting next to her in my sweatshirt and yoga pants.

          “You know,” Gemma spoke up, causing me to turn my head to the left and look at her, “I never really got to talk to you about all of this.”

          “What do you mean?” I ask, staring at her in confusion.

          “Like,” she struggled, sitting up properly in the chair to face me, “how you’re dealing with all of this. I know it’s been several months and you’ve kind of adjusted to Harry life style, but between you and I – how are you, really?”

          My lower lip tugged into my mouth, my upper front teeth biting down on the skin just below my lip. I realized Gemma was right, that in the many months that all this had been bestowed upon us, I never really got to talk to someone who was actually my sister-in-law.

          I chuckle drily, looking down on my lap where my hands were, my feet resting on the edge of the seat as my legs were pulled up to my chest. “Sometimes I forget that Harry and I are married,” I confess, “it’s not until I look down at my left finger when I realize that we’re more than just dating.”

          Gemma’s eyes go towards my left hand, where I noticed I was playing with the ring on my finger. “You’re not the only one who forgets, Kelsey,” she chuckles quietly, turning her head to look straight ahead. “Even I forget that my little brother is married – I mean, here I am, twenty-two years old, and my nineteen year old brother is married. It’s a bit sad on my part,” she finishes off with a chuckle, and I smile a small smile.

          “Yeah,” I mutter. “All this kind of just happened unexpectedly, you know? Finding out my mom had cancer, then telling me I was getting married – and to a world-wide phenomenon, nonetheless. And then when she died, I kind of just felt alone, you know? Losing someone so close is like a slap in the face. And your brother, being the sweet guy he is, just kind of made everything better.” I hadn’t realized I was smiling until the end of talking, looking at Gemma who gave me a dimpled smile that was an almost replica of Harry’s.

          “People don’t give Harry the credit that he deserves, and that’s what annoys me so much about the media,” Gemma says, a hand running through her hair. “I’m not saying this just because I’m his sister, but Harry’s genuinely a nice guy. Everyone’s always judging him while he and the lads are just doing what they do best and enjoying their lives. My brother gets more bullshit than he needs to, but he still smiles through it all. And obviously, as an older sister, I don’t want to go online to see so many people saying false crap about him.”

          I nod, completely agreeing with everything that Gemma was saying. “I know what you mean,” I tell her. “After my mum died, I was a mess, but Harry went out of his way to make me feel like myself again – even if he didn’t know what I was like before all this happened.”

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