kidnapped and can't excape

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Sasukes POV

This is stupid were trapped in this what ever the heck it is its shaking a lot but still what the heck do we do seriously.

I looked at naruto as he wasn't paying no mind ashe was looking around like everywhere to find an excape root.

So I decided to do the same thing so we can hurry and leave this devil hole I didn't enjoy what's going on here.

"What are we gonna do" I looked over to see Sasukie as he was walking around thinking about something to do he didn't wanna stay here long I could tell he wasn't so focused well he didn't like being in small spaces so I couldn't blame him for that. He seemed very self consious right  know and I know he didn't want menma to see him this way so I walk over to him ad patted his back "don't worry we'll find a way out" I said looking around in the dark since my eyes adjusted to see a little better in the dark so it was easy I then spotted naruto he was curled up in a ball, he seemed Uneasy and scared so I went over to him "what's wrong" I asked "I don't wanna be here Sasuke I wanna go home" he says as he hugged me then I patted his back softly "don't worry naruto well get out of here ok" I said patting his back softly.

Still looking around I noticed that the house stopped shaking and bumping everywhere but he was still shaking a little bit like we we're in some type of vehicle that explains the soft sound of an engine "ok I though of something were get out of here" I said getting up as Naruto got up to but held my hand "naruto stay by my side no matter what ok" I said as he nodded soon we went over to my twin Sasukie as he seemed to have finally calmed down but was hugging menma who was looking around "what" he says "we're in a moving vehicle right now" I said, as they all looked at me like I was crazy "h-how is that possible" Sasukie asks "know how we had to walk up the stairs"  I said looking at my twin who nodded "well this is a trap" I said  soon the 3 looked at me like I was crazy again "no no nononononononononononononono this can't be happening" Naruto says as he walked around in circles "who knows were there gonna take us" he says again.

Soon menma slapped him "calm you cheeks down this is no time to panic I'm sure sasuke has a plan" he says as Naruto nodded while holding his now stinging cheek why the face menma why you gotta slap his face.

"Menma right we can't panic that's what they want we need to calm down the calmer we are the better ok" sasukie says looking at me before smiling.

Third person POV

Soon the truck started to be filled with sleep gas as 4 weren't gonna get cough by it but they wouldn't be able to hold there breath for a long time thought so they didn't make it Naruto were they first one to get sleeping second was menma than sasukie and last sasuke but he wants affected that much though so he was gonna last as he caught Naruto who had fell asleep.

Sasukie and menma were already on the floor.

Sasuke decided to pretend to fall asleep as they truck stopped so he just laid down.

Next thing he knows the door opens and someone walks in and drags menma and sasukie out the truck then he comes back to pick up sasuke and Naruto.

Sasuke didn't know what was going on but he knew that if he fought know he wasn't gonna be able to get sasukie and menma back.

So he was cornered dang it but then he was thrown somewhere as he opened his eyes a little to notice that he was now in a cage but the cage was  darker than the truck as he was locked in and the guy left but as minutes went by he heard someone as he looked around around trying to find the soars of who it was but the person seemed scared, "hey are you ok" sasuke asks as they person just wimpered "s-sasuke is that you" the person said "Naruto" sasuke says as he tried to get up but his his head on the roof so he just crowed his way but just ran into a fine wall were Naruto was on the other side.

"Sasuke why is it so dark in here I don't like it were are we" Naruto wimpered "I done know Naruto I really don't know" sasuke admitted since he couldn't see his saroundings he just looked in front of him.

"I'm scared and I wanna get out of here" Naruto says as he shaked the fence "sorry Naruto I wish there was another way out" he says and leaned his head on the mental fiend.

Soon he heard another voice "were am I" the other person says "sasukie" sasuke says as he turned his head to the place he heard the voice "sasuke" sasukie replied "were menma" Naruto says  "right here" menma says as they 4 sighed not knowing what to do. Soon the door was opened to let a little bit of light in as someone else was thrown into the room before the door closed "hey" sasuke says "who are y......".

"You should know who I am" sasuke says as he moved away from the fine "sasuke what are you doing here" the person says "gaara I should ask you" sasuke replied.

"Guys shut up ok" some one says soon that's when they knew they weren't the only ones here.

Soon the 4 realized they were the only ones cause there others to so at least there weren't alone know.

Naruto knew that his fear came true.


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