Part 28 - The Advertisment & The8 ( ummmm )

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Hahah got you! ( but like look at The8 )

I'm sorry. I'm just advertising for my new book SAVAGE. lol about a girl who hates people and finds life irritating. Sound like you? Um, duh now go read the book. Your senpai said to. Are you not going to listen to senpai?

Wah! Wow. I see. You're still here.

Here's the first chapter. I'm not sure if I edited it though.

Chapter One: The Boy That I Cursed Out


So...look...when I cursed that guy wasn't like I thought he was a gangster. I just...don't know how to shut up.

Plus, coming from school and dealing with assholes all day is you can't entirely blame me. You can blame Lang and his avatar squad, constantly bragging about the episodes they've seen of Erased in one night. Of course, these are my closest friends, but more on that later.

It doesn't help that being Asian, is not what passed as beautiful or popular at my school. In my case it passes as weird and strange. Is it my fault I know Korean? God! Plus, my personality is prettyyyyy rotten. I just...don't like people and I don't like conversations. It's why when I'm out In a group at school, I end up doing almost all of the work.

I'm known for three things in my life.

1. Being weird and Asian and seemingly smart.

2. Being a cold person.

3. Being someone who dated the most popular asshole in school.

I wafted through the crowded city street. Full of men and women all rushing home to feed the dog, the cat, the kid. To do the job. To work some more. To watch another episode of some generic tv show that I didn't care about. The music vibrated its way  violently to my ear drums as the busy people moved around me.

Why did I always feel as if I was moving in slow motion?

That day I had just got off of my catering job at Peter's Cakes ( funny right ) and I something was wrong with the tracks so I had to walk across the city. That meant I had to walk through all the bad parts of where I live that make it such a terrible place full assholes, douches, and pedophiles ready to snatch your children from your living room. The drunkies that sit on their porch and drink until the day goes by and not even light will keep them company.

As I walked through the streets and the people started to change from successful business people to raggedy people who could barely make a living off of their High School diploma. People who had two jobs just like I did. And I was passing one right now. I turned my head as I started to walk past the book store. The OPEN sign was still blinking and I could see the people inside drinking coffee and reading books. I paused outside of the store, directly in front of the door. It felt like there was something in there that I needed for some reason.

Without another thought I headed inside, aware of the 20 bucks I had in my pocket. Enough to buy two books if I wanted. I didn't mind staying out later than I was supposed to. After all, I hated my family. I hated home. I hated that place. If I could never go back I never would.

I slid my hands in my jeans pockets and walked in, but I slowed down as I noted the person drinking coffee casually with five men surrounding her. She looked as if she was feigning calmness. As if she were scared. I didn't notice the pearl earrings or Simons necklace. You'd think I would.

I walked over, stopping at the rail separating the store from where the coffee is cold and slammed my hand down causing all heads to turn towards me.

Did I mention how reckless I am?

The woman jumped in her seat, but didn't meet my gaze for a moment. When she did I wasn't looking at her anymore.

"Leave her alone." I snapped at the men, licking my bottom lip, and leaning over the rail slightly as I cocked my head daringly to he side. "You guys are in suits. You must have more honor than to gang up on a woman."

None of them said anything, and just continued trapping her in her place.

"Yah! I'm talking to you. Can you not hear well? Is that what the problem is? I said get away from her."

"They belong there, Sweetheart." Another voice said, and I watched a guy, maybe a couple years older than me came and sat down in the seat across from the woman.

I lifted an eyebrow.

"Excuse me?"

He sighed, and slammed down a book on the table. The woman jumped and he scoffed, still not bothering to look at me. As if I was trash or something. I noted the four studs running up his right ear, and then the uniform. It kind of looked like he went to a private school.

"They belong there and don't make me say it again, trash."

I slammed my other hand on the rail and leaned towards him.

"What the fuck did you just say to boy?" I snapped, but he only sighed again. As if I were a puppy he was tired of having to tame. He picked up his water bottle and spun the cap open. He only answered me once the bottle was touching his lips.

"I said they belong there. Now shut the fuck up, trash."

"Won!" The woman across from him shouted, but shut up the second he glanced her way. He clenched his jaw at her looking away from him.

"Fine, you fucking motherfûcker. At least I'm not the trash cursing like an asshole in front of my fucking mother. At least I'm not a trash can at heart." I turned towards the woman. "I know it's not my place but, stop taking his shit." I gripped the rail tightly and then pushed myself off of it. I turned and made my way back outside. It wasn't until the moon hit my face did I realize that I was going to be there tomorrow night and if he was there I was screwed.

Damn it.


Look can't wait to update the next chapter though. I think some of you might be a little angry with someone. I wonder who...

xx your senpai who is ordering you to go be a savage and read Savage.

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