01|Nothing like the other

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"You still have feelings for him, don't you?" Maria's friend, Hannah asked when they were both seated at a table, in their favorite restaurant in the busy city of New York.

"Yes," Maria admitted, hanging her head in shame. She knew that she shouldn't still be having feelings for the man, after he had made her love him. After he deflowered her and then left her without a single word. He had left her broken, but slowly she had managed to piece herself back together.

"Honey, you cannot be thinking about him, just weeks before your wedding," Hannah, cut in with warning. "You do remember that you are engaged, don't you?" she cocked a questioning brow.

Maria sighed, using her fork to fidget with the food. "Yes, I know I'm engaged," she retorted flatly.

"So, there is no room for such thoughts. The man is long gone. He has created a life for himself without you. He left you, remember that," Hannah warned in a motherly tone before cutting into her steak.

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